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S26: Dawn Meehan (Bikal)

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--- Quote from: Joab on April 23, 2013, 05:16:53 AM ---With that said, Dawn needs to chill. LOL. Like, Andrea is not going to vote you out... GET A GOOD SLEEP! :wohoo:

--- End quote ---
IKR! She's definitely a little too worried. And she starts whining about the sleep thing, and I'm just like "Then why don't you...............SLEEP!"

But maybe her being paranoid is good. At first everybody thinks she's a threat, then Cochran now sees her as a betrayer and will prob stick with her.

I was told that she shit her pants in the IC in EP11...

The hate Dawn has received over her  voting out Brenda is insane!!

The fans of Brenda and even some of the Survivor Alumni reactions, tweets, blogs etc.. have gone over board resulting in this final tweet from Dawn

@meehand: Taking my twitter account down. Life's too short for this much negativity. Much love to everyone who's shared #Survivor with me.

It's an absolute shame  that people can't control themselves. Social media is supposed to be a happy place not a place where you taunt and demoralize a person for something they did on a GAME Show

Dawn was very nice to me on twitter and  i understand  the heartbreak of it. I liked Brenda too  and was also taken back  but not to the point of where  HATE has to come involved.

I hope when Dawn comes  back to twitter  she 's welcomed with support.

The reunion will be tough but i believe they will all be warned to stray away from  going  after Dawn for this move whether  she wins or loses

I think she's never doing Survivor a third time. :lol3:


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