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--- Quote from: Coolio! on April 07, 2013, 07:10:59 AM ---According to Corrine's exit interview with Rob Cesterino, the talk with Dawn happened BEFORE any plans to vote out Sherri occurred. So we were seen events out of chronological order.

--- End quote ---

Whatever it is, she should never have told Dawn that she even wanted to flip and has got 3 fans with her. -_- :groan:

If she didn't tell Dawn anything, than votes would be as follows:

Corinne, Malcolm, Mike, Eddie, Reynold, Erik: Sherri
Sherri: Phillip maybe?
Phillip, Cochran: Eddie or Reynold
Andrea, Dawn, Brenda: Reynold or Eddie

Assuming split vote happens where guys vote 1, girls vote, 1. Little does Philip know that 2 men and one women are not doing the split vote.

Than after this, starting with Philip, they all get picked off one by one.

Dunkle Schoko:
Corinne's move was bad on so many levels. Why even target Sherri in the first place? She is a recruitable vote.


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