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Yah its really sad... She's a failed strategist. She always think about strategizing, but when it comes to Philip, she always want to disagree with him. If she wants to blindside Philip, she should not have argued with Philip in anyway. Bad bad bad move. She's too confident. I bet she really didnt see it coming that soon.

Anyway is she part of the jury?

Mug Costanza:

--- Quote from: Joab on April 07, 2013, 12:47:05 AM ---She broke the #1 survivor rule of OVERCONFIDENCE.

--- End quote ---

She also broke the #2 rule of hoping for a blindside at Tribal Council... Ask Kat from One World how that usually ends up. ;)

Rob would not approve. You see, as spoken above... if Rob or Russell is the strategist here, they would have done the

5 (Corinne, Malcolm, Reynold, Eddie, Michael) : 4 (Sherri+ 3 favourites) : 3 (favoutes) risky move.. and if Philip indeed went home, they will still have a 5 person VS the other 6 (dysfunctional) people, which is easily easily easily manipulated. Just look at Erik. :res:

And all they need to do, is to show any of the other 6, the TWO IDOLS that existed in the alliance and do it the Yul way, threatening anyone who don't vote with them to be the one they will flush out with the Idol. Simple as that.

Seriously. Corinne.. WHY? WHY? WHY?

Glamazon Racer:
That's all very true Joab, but I think if she didn't open her mouth to Dawn, it would have worked anyway, without any of that. :lol:

According to Corrine's exit interview with Rob Cesterino, the talk with Dawn happened BEFORE any plans to vote out Sherri occurred. So we were seen events out of chronological order.


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