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S26: Brandon Hantz (Bikal)

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Reilly Queens:

His hobby is passionate love? He finds himself sexy? Yuck. I have never heard any one across all the message boards I read ever list Brandon as a favorite. And he better not mess with Brenda. Hope she gets rid of this dolt fast.

I hope Brenda owns him.


--- Quote from: Joab on January 12, 2013, 01:08:23 AM ---Everyone hopes Brenda owns him.

--- End quote ---

I thought the Survivor crew do not like former contestants who ever expressed something like "I hate this game" or "this game does not fit me." When Brandon was on the Redemption Island with Ozzy, he was disappointed and said to Ozzy that the game didn't fit him.

So I'm quite surprised to see Brandon participate again.


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