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And I think Brandon is warped about his values about Christianity. Clearly, he needs to read the bible more or attend more church services.

I'm currently watching the SoPa finale. And I just can't help but be so impressed of how freaking mature this kid was back then. He was 19 years old and I would say he was easily the most mature person out there besides Dawn, who is fully grown up with a husband, kids, and a highly successful job. And I just think of the way he acted this season and I just say what the hell happened to him. I hardly ever cry during tv shows. I've never cried through a loved one visit or somebody breaking down or someone I really liked getting voted out. The ONE TIME I cried while watching Survivor was when he stood up for Cochran at Tribal Council when Keith was voted out. It was just really moving and touching that someone could say that to a fully grown man who was really expressing his total hatred for Cochran. I just really don't understand where that Brandon Hantz went.



Brandon Hantz banned from Survivor reunion as Russell Hantz threatens Phillip Sheppard

Brandon Hantz banned from Survivor reunion as Russell Hantz threatens Phillip Sheppard
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May 10, 2013, 7:51 AM

Brandon Hantz wonít be present for the Survivor Caramoan reunion on Sunday, having apparently been told he cannot attend by CBS and/or the showís producers. Meanwhile, Russell Hantz has threatened Phillip Sheppard, even suggesting heíll go to jail as a result of whatever he does to Phillip.

The exclusion of a cast member from the reunion would be unprecedented in Survivor history, and itíll be interesting to hear how Jeff Probst explains Brandonís absence. If only CBS, Probst, or whoever made this decision had made the same decision a year ago and not cast Brandon on season 26. (That said, Russell actually makes an interesting point in one of these tweets: CBS cleared him to appear on the season, the producers left him on the beach far longer than they should have, and now theyíve decided itís not okay?)

There was chatter about Brandonís exclusion from the finale earlier this week, but I wasnít able to confirm anything beyond that cast members were talking about the possibilities. In a series of tweets last night, Brandonís uncle, Russell Hantz, confirmed it and assigned blame:

As he did in the tweet above, Russell again suggested he may appear at the finale, and pretty clearly threatened Phillip, although his writing and the pronouns in the third tweet here makes it sound like heís retained an attorney who will bail him out after he attacks the attorney:


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