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Pékin Express 2013 - French Edition

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Good work, Zouly! I had a feeling it was going to turn out to be Pekin Express. For what it's worth, the plantation is about 100 miles north of Baton Rouge and Port Allen.

For some reason, I can't find that tweet. Maybe it's been deleted?

Those are the helmets of the Louisiana - Lafayette University Ragin Cajuns football team. That would be located in Lafayette, Louisiana

Here's another witness:

Elizabeth Voelker ‏@ehvoelker
Me and Tylan are so going to be on The French Amazing Race tv show!
6:36 PM - 3 Feb 13

I've asked for additional information and will post it here if she replies.


About 6 hours ago...


"Amazing race is at the Shell in Pearl River lol..."


About 5 hours ago...


"I'm random as hell....CBS is filming the Amazing Race in Hattiesburg and I picked up the French Couple..."


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