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Maybe I'm a little late to the party since the season's been over for a while now but on the other hand everyone should have by now been able to put S21 into perspective with the other seasons  :3

So anyway... What were your favourite or lest favourite tasks from season 21?

Favourites:  :cmas16
Serve 20 dishes Indo RB
Both sides of 2nd Indo Detour (cook eggs or giant lion masks)
Bangladeshi Bus Repair RB
Bangladeshi Rat FF
1st Russian Detour (synchro swim or cyrillic library)
Russian Time Zone RB
Russian SpB (looked interesting at least)
Historical figures side of 2nd Russian Detour
Fly to this Flag clue (the first one since S3?)
Recreate Rembrandt side of Dutch Detour
Windmill side of Spanish Detour (although I've heard they were a little geographically off with Don Q...)
Coney Island Clue Search
Houdini RB (although I don't buy the "surprise" bungee, I mean they would have had to be briefed on safety for a bungee drop wouldn't they?)
Final RB

Least Favourites (the ones that I actively disliked)  :cmas12
Turkish Bath : too easy
Turkish Sherbert RB
Organ side of Dutch Detour : boring in comparison to the other side
Dutch Switchback : a task from leg 2 (S12) in leg 9. Also the first switchback that had no team realise or make reference to the original task on screen. When I read that there would be a Dutch Switchback I definitely thought they would use Maria and Tiffany's Golfing Hell task
Spanish Tennis RB : extremely underwhelming for the first EVER (and so far only) Spanish RB. Not only could this task have taken place in many other countries it favoured teams that already know how to play tennis

I was more or less neutral to everything else...  :cmas5

All the tennis mania this season... :reindeer ..... But seriously typing, I thought the table tennis was rather dull if it wasn't for "paddle-head" expressions which made it a bit more memorable. The return 20 tennis balls task was an enlarged and more rigorous way of the table tennis RB.

I thought the Bath OR Bakery Detour was interesting. It reminded me back in season 1 when teams were in Tunisia and had to choose a massage or find a coffee shop as a Detour. I thought the editors should have made Rob & Kelley's bakery Detour choice a little more tiring and try to make it more humorous than Rob doing his jig at the bakery's music.

The ones I feel "iffy" about are the Russian time zone RB (if it wasn't for the epic professor...), Bangladesh Rat-Collecting Fast Forward (motivational, but if the cute kids didn't follow James & Abba...), and Russian historical figure Detour (if it wasn't for Josh & Brent having fun...).

I thought the tasks in the Netherlands were quite disappointing especially the Switchback. (I'm sure Jaymes made a quick remark about noticing the switchback after reading the RB clue.) What made season 12's ditch vault RB succeed was their teams were... I don't want to say as weak... but were not Jaymes & James-like with buffened bodies and it was fun to see them struggle like Nicolas, Kynt, Christina, Shana, and Pat. It would have been great if there were more teams, but for a 5-team remaining leg, they needed to take that into consideration and what possibly could be better than the Maria & Tiffany struggle story.


--- Quote from: RachelLeVega on December 27, 2012, 11:30:38 PM ---The ones I feel "iffy" about are the Russian time zone RB (if it wasn't for the epic professor...), Bangladesh Rat-Collecting Fast Forward (motivational, but if the cute kids didn't follow James & Abba...), and Russian historical figure Detour (if it wasn't for Josh & Brent having fun...).

--- End quote ---

I wasn't on board with the Russian time zones and I wasn't even a huge fan of the professor at first (until his ad libbed quotes like "I'm on your side here") but then I looked at a world map of time zones and it suddenly made sense as to why this is such an epic and unique task. Russia has the most time zones of any country by far. The countries with the next highest number of time zones are USA and Canada but if the task was placed in either of those I assume that the geography (maybe even the time zones themselves) would be common knowledge to the teams and the task would become too easy to make good TV. So really Russia is the only country in which such a time zone quiz would work which is pretty interesting, well I think it is at least ><

I also liked the Turkish ice cream SpB which I remember a lot of people thought was too easy and then thought Josh and Brent were incredibly thick for having to do it twice, but for me the fact that they found an unmarked vendor just proves the ubiquity of the vendors and the authenticity of the performance, both of which give strong support to the cultural relevance of the task. It's a bit like the briefcase roadblock from the family edition, it wouldn't have been as interesting if random (unmarked) people weren't being bothered by the task; the cultural relevance of the task gave it an edge of difficulty. like being tasked to find a marked tree in a forest...

On the other hand I didn't like the bull side of the Spanish detour. Not only was it gimmicky with the dress up but any detour that can potentially be completed in 2 minutes does not belong in leg 10.

I also jumped off the sofa with excitement when Phil introduced the Turkish ice cream Speed Bump. :cmaslol Eating thm or making them, I love d them featuring the ice cream. If you've ever been to a Turkish festival before, the Turkish ice cream they make there is the best. So marshmallowy and it feels like a twist between cotton candy and ice cream.

I thought the Spain "Bull" Detour was a little "iffy" too, but I wasn't a big fan of it as I could relate the bull to the trash-bag-homemade-messed-up condor costume teams had to humiliate themselves in Season 16, episode 2, Chile.

1. odong odong roadlock in surabaya
2. bamboo side of the detour in bangladesh
3. syncronised swimming in moscow
4. time zone roadblock
5. feeding the dogs in france
6. houdini roadblock in new york city
7. the final roadblock


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