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Which pre-jury member impresses you most in all seasons?

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Let's revive this baby....

There are LOTS of pre-merge boots I loved, hence why I would love a redemption/second-chance type of season sometime soon.

Jolanda & Angie from PALAU
Sherea & Ashley from CHINA :luvya:
Ace (and Paloma a tiny bit) from GABON
Candace from TOCANTINS
Marisa, Betsie & Liz from SAMOA
Yve & Kelly B. from NICARAGUA
Francesca, Steph and Krista from REDEMPTION ISLAND
Stacey & Christine from SOUTH PACIFIC
Courtney & Monica from ONE WORLD
Brad & John from BvW 1
Garrett & Alexis from CAGAYAN
Nadiya & Val from SJDS

I know that's a lot and mostly women - I just tend to root for women on reality shows :lol:


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