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Which pre-jury member impresses you most in all seasons?

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NOTE: Only contestants who participated ONLY ONCE are counted in. Those who took part in the game more than once are not to be considered.

Glamazon Racer:
I haven't seen all seasons, but there is one name I have to say!


She was in a huge minority on the Fans tribe of Micronesia from the very beginning and single-handedly created the downfalls of two of the biggest and strongest players on the Fans tribe.

Definitely one castaway I would love to see play again! <333 :cmas9

Jolanda - Palau

Angie - Palau
Colton - One World (it's a different kind of impression (more towards negative), it's like, nobody should underestimate a gay guy who could get a whole tribe of straight guy throw tribal immunity and go to tribal council) WTF?

Liz- Samoa. She was pretty much the only member of Foa Foa who (besides Betsy <3) didn't trust Russel. She was also really athletic. If Foa Foa had just won one more challenge. </3.


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