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Oh yay more Philippines. :P

I want the Andaman and Nicobar Islands please <3

here's alist of rumoured contestants, from the following link:

A lot of this is really questionable though. Gervase? Greg Buis the coconut phone boy who tried to screw up production every single day?

--- Quote ---Not sure for sure but the following are people I know where conctaed for the 27/28 filming cycle:

1- Aras ( Working out and Shaved for the first time in yeas, Likely to return)
2- Rupert( Just a really big name floating around, can't confirm)
3- Cirie( Another big name, but no postives)
4- Steph V. ( One of the few supposed locks for 27, would be interesting to see again so i hope so)
5- Tina ( May be replace due to health/Other Caramaon Spoiler reasons , but i hear she is a still on  for 27 as of now)
6- Tyson ( Highly rumored, no conformation)
7- Kat( 99% chance, Talking to past survivors about past stratgeies, has openly tweeted about watching past seasons and working out hardcore){Rumor is she might come in with Hayden Moss}
8- Nat B. ( one of the usual cut people, hoepfully shes a finalist this time, Sorcues are not sure if she made final cut)
9- Danni B. ( rumored for either, but I think she said she wants to come back for All Winners, S28 might be that or HoF season, so maybe shes floating around for that)
10- Eddie ( Confirmed by multiple sources to be an alternate for 27 with mother)
11-RC (Confrimed 27 Alternate, the girls are all questionable so she might be on)
12- Rob C. & Nicole ( Would love, know for a fact he was interviewed, however i know hes not gonna upload much over the summer so maybe)
13- Terry ( Wants to come back to rematch Aras apprently, but there are a lot of Panama people rumored for this season, no evidence to suggest hes coming back)
14- Gervese ( Highly speculated, and is for sure made final interviews, likely to be on the season)
15-Greg Buis- ( rumored to be on, was interviwed, however most likely did not make cut)
16- Colton ( Was the alternate for Caramoan, was interviwed, no conformation)
17- Shane ( Always on the list to come back, always cut, no hope in him actually playing)
18- Erinn ( Going away soon, was interviewd, so possbile)
19- Taj ( Unlikley but is rumored)
20- Kenny ( Interviwed, but hes in a Melee turny during the filming dates for 27, might be on 28 however)
21- Kathy ( Was interviwed,, no conformation)
22- Brenda ( Caramoan Spoilers, Apprenlty the production team didnt relize everyone loved brenda so much)
23- Holly( Interviwed no confrimation)
24- Jane( Just a rumor, highly unlikely)
25- Todd ( Maybe 28 if its winner/HOF season)

Also 2 more people from Gabon
1 Person from Africa
and 2 from Soma

where casted but i cant find a name. Kat, Steph, and Gervese are the 3 names i have heard are almost perfectly locked and will almsot for sure be on take this what you will guys. REMBER NONE OF THIS IS CONCRETE its just from the spoilers boards, twitter, recent interivews, casting links ect
--- End quote ---

omg. If Erinngoddess comes back I will die.

Mug Costanza:
And suddenly, it makes sense why Brenda might have been asked back... :lol: :(

I really don't want any returnes.


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