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TAR Winners: Were you OK with them winning?

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Out of all the TAR winners, which were you really happy won and which would you rather had other teams won?

Season 1: Rob & Brennan won. Very happy, would have been fine with Frank & Margarita and Joe & Bill.
Season 2: Chris & Alex won. OK, would have preferred Blake and Paige or Oswald & Danny.
Season 3: Flo & Zach won. OK only because of Zach. Would have preferred Teri & Ian or Ken & Gerard.
Season 4: Reichen & Chip won. OK.
Season 5: Chip & Kim won. Happy, would have also been happy with Brandon & Nicole, Linda & Karen
Season 6: Freddy & Kendra. Fine, would have preferred Kris & Jon or Adam & Rebecca

Don't remember much from Seasons 7 to 12, but my favourite teams were generally eliminated midway through the season (Gaghans, Fran and Barry, Erwin and Godwin)

Season 13: Nick & Starr won. Happy, felt most of the animosity towards them from other teams was undeserved.
Season 14: Tammy & Victor won. Very happy.
Season 15: Not sure what I thought about Meghan & Cheyne winning.
Season 16: Not sure what I thought about Dan & Jordan winning, but remember Jet & Cord were very likeable.
Season 17: Nat & Kat won. Very happy.
Season 18: Kisha & Jen won. Happy, would have been fine with Gary & Mallory.
Season 19: Ernie and Cindy won. OK.
Season 20: Rachel & Dave won. OK, but the final three wasn't very good for me.
Season 21: Josh & Brent won. Very happy, although any of the final three winning would have made me very happy.

Seasons 1 to 4. I'm okay with them, since I haven't really watched those seasons.

Season 5: Chip & Kim are cool, glad Colin & Christie didn't win.
Season 6: Didn't watch this season, but based on what I hear and from the bits I saw, I'd rather Kris & Jon win it.
Season 7: The first season I ever watched (and on TV too). Super happy that Uchenna & Joyce won! I cried.
Season 8: Wanted the Bransens to win
Season 9: Wanted Ray & Yolanda to win
Season 10: Didn't watch it when it was airing, but after watching on YouTube, I wanted Dustin & Kandice to win
Season 11: Wanted Charla & Mirna or Dustin & Kandice to win
Season 12: Didn't watch when it was airing, but looking back, I wanted Kynt & Vyxsin to win.
Season 13: Wanted Ken & Tina or Kelly & Christy to win.
Season 14: Wanted Christie & Jodi to win.
Season 15: Wanted Maria & Tiffany to win.
Season 16: Wanted Jet & Cord to win
Season 17: Wanted Brooke & Claire to win. Nat & Kat are cool too.
Season 18: Wanted Gary & Mallory to win. Jen & Kisha are good too, as long as it wasn't the Globetrotters.
Season 19: Wanted Jeremy & Sandy to win.
Season 20: Wanted Brendan & Rachel to win.
Season 21: Wanted either Natalie & Nadiya or Jaymes & James to win. Trey & Lexi would have been good too.

I have not seen every season :cmas13, so I will only mention the ones I have seen.

1: I was HAPPY with Rob and Brennan. As long as it wasn't Joe and Bill.
5: I was HAPPY with Chip and Kim. I actually wanted to see Colin and Christie win if not them.
6: I was OK with Freddy and Kendra. I didn't really mind who won.
7: I was OK with Uchenna and Joyce. I REALLY wanted Rob and Amber to win, but at least it wasn't Ron and Kelly.
9: I was HAPPY with BJ and Tyler. I loved that final 3 so much!!! :kisses
10: I was HAPPY with Tyler and James. They were the only likeable team left though.
11: I was OK with Eric and Danielle. I wished they had Eric and Jeremy on the same team again. I prefered Dustin and Kandace, as long as the hypocritical Charla and Mrina didn't win :cmas16.
12: I was HAPPY with TK and Rachel. I liked all of the final 3.
13: I was HAPPY with Nick and Starr. They desserved it, though I thought it would have been funny to see Dandrew win.
14: I was OK with Tammy and Victor. I wanted Margie and Luke to win.
15. I was HAPPY with Meghan and Cheyne. They deserved it, though I liked all the final 3.
16. I was PISSED OFF with Dan and Jordan  :cmas3. Their the only winners I cant think of a good thing about them. Iwanted Jet and Cord or Brent and Caite (I'm serious) to win.
17. I was HAPPY with Nat and Kat. Unlike the first final 3 with two all-female teams, I loved both of them :kisses.
18: I was OK with Kisha and Jen. I liked them, but couldn't get excited due to their lack of airtime :cmas4.
19: I was HAPPY with Ernie and Cindy. They were the most deserving team left. I just didnt want Jeremy and Sandy to win (is it just me or they were always negative when they got airtime).
20. I was HAPPY with Rachel and Dave. REALLY DESERVED IT, AND BRENCHEL DID NOT WIN!!! :xmas110
21. I was HAPPY with Josh and Brent. Funny thing about them is, I didn't root for them until Leg 11. I loved them instantly after they decided to get motivated from the evil wrath of the twinnies.

Season 1: Frank & Margarita :cmas4
Season 2: Chris & Alex were boring - didn't like Tara & Wil either, so I wanted Blake & Paige to win..
Season 3: I would've been ok with any of the Final 3 winning :cmas9
Season 4: Never finished watching it
Season 5: :cmas9 Chip & Kim were the best out of the Final 3
Season 6: I hate Kendra for her disgusting comment, but Kris & Jon were so annoying kissing and hugging in practically every scene [aka boring]
Season 7: Uchenna & Joyce :cmas9
Season 8: Would've been ok with any of them winning
Season 9: Never really finished watching it..
Season 10: Tyler & James were the most interesting out of the Final 3, so I'm glad for them
Season 11: :cmas3
Season 12: :cmas3
Season 13: :cmas3
Season 14: :cmas9 Tammy & Victor! I hated Margie & Luke's competitive attitudes towards the end, and Jaime & Cara were so rude to like.. every citizen in each country they visited
Season 15: Would've been ok with any of them winning
Season 16: :cmas3
Season 17: :cmas9 Although I would've preferred Brook & Claire to win.. but I liked Nat & Kat too
Season 18: Lol @ Kisha & Jen coming out of nowhere and winning the entire thing, don't know what to say about that.. but I wanted Gary & Mallory to win :cmas4
Season 19: :cmas3
Season 20: :cmas3
Season 21: :cmas9 I would've hated a Beekman's win but I started to root for them when the Dream Team was being so stupid and all against them..

What will Season 22 bring us? :xmas49

Season 1: Didn't watch, but Rob and Brennan seem fine.
Season 2: Didn't watch, but Chris and Alex seem fine.
Season 3: Flo and Zach are okay.
Season 4: Didn't like anybody in the F3.
Season 5: Love Chip and Kim <3
Season 6: Like Freddy and Kendra better than most people.
Season 7: Uchenna and Joyce <333333333333
Season 8: Didn't really like the season
Season 9: BJ and Tyler <3333333333
Season 10: Blah season
Season 11: Odd season
Season 12: TK and Rachel were okay.
Season 13: Nick and Starr were okay.
Season 14: Tammy and Victor <3333333333
Season 15: Meghan and Cheyne <3333333333
Season 16: Ewww.
Season 17: Nat and Kat are okay. Really wanted Brook and Claire or Gary and Mallory to win.
Season 18: Kisha and Jen are okay. REALLY wanted Gary and Mallory to win.
Season 19: Ewww.
Season 20: Dave and Rachel <333333333333333333333333333
Season 21: Ewww.


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