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Who will win Survivor: Philippines?

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Glamazon Racer:
Go Queen Lisa!!! :cmas9 :cmas23

I will be extremely disappointed if Skupin (who is boring on his second game) or Denise (who I hate) wins. Am fine with Malcolm. :cmas16

If it's a final three, I don't get how Skupin wins over Denise. Just because he possibly beat Malcolm out of the game?

Malcolm... HMMM? Did he put on LOADS OF WEIGHT? :cmaslol

F3: Lisa/Skupin/Denise

RC: Skupin (Personal relationship and they were the two outcasts inititally)
Jeff: Skupin (Hates returning players but if one still made it to the end...?)
Artis: Denise?
Pete: Denise/Skupin?
Penner: Denise/Skupin?
Carter: Denise?
Abi: Lisa/Skupin
Malcolm: Skupin/Denise

Hmmm. I guess it's Skupin or Denise to win now. Lisa... sits in third place IMO.

That means Lisa is so gonna get attack badly at final jury TC. :cmas4


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