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Who will win Survivor: Philippines?

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Those who follow spoilers will know who's the F3 and with a 2 hour finale, we most likely have a final 2, which is rumoured to be Lisa and Skupin.

Who do you think will win? Word has it that Skupin believes he has enough votes to win, but Lisa is getting the strategic edit here... so, who is it who goes home with the million tomorrow? :)

Murtz Jaffer tweeted this picture of his prediction on who will win Survivor tonight. Keep in mind he has never been wrong with his Survivor predictions. Was wrong twice with TAR (18 & 20) and Apprentice once. And it's Denise!

I think it is Denise too but only because Dawson posted a picture of herself at Denise's house a while back  when she got  her torch snuffed

This was just posted by Dawson. It's Jeff Probst  wife but look who is in the background!

Reilly Queens:
Lisa, or Denise FTW <3


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