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** Spoiler Guidelines** Please READ before posting


Because of some recent confusion, I want to bring this over from our TAR 21 Contestant thread:

--- Quote ---
Nothing (no photos, no comments, no anything) should be posted from a racer's OWN Facebook without their written approval. We try to respect the little privacy they have. Info from their FB FAN pages and from Twitter is generally acceptable.

--- End quote ---

To clarify more in relationship to spoilers:
Information gained from a site that one could reasonably assume has SOME degree of privacy ( FaceBook, Circle of friends, private Blogs) should NOT be posted here. And yes, FB may/may not have that expectation depending on settings, but that is our guideline for now.
If YOU friend (not recommended) or are friends with a racer BEFORE the cast reveal, you have an even bigger responsibility to protect their in that case again, NOTHING from FB should be shared or posted without written permission.
Info from other sources that could reasonably be considered PUBLIC (photo sites, twitter, open business sites, and later on, FAN FB pages) are fair game.
Additionally, no photos of CHILDREN should be posted here at all, and photos that include other friends and family of racers should be cropped before using.
Thanks everyone! We pride ourselves on our friendships with racers, and we make every effort to be respectful even while spoiling!!
If you have any concerns or questions please do feel free to email or PM me...


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