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Teams that you rooted for from the beginning and then disliked by the end

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Since we have the other thread... I find it interesting that many times, I have several teams that I really liked at the beginning, then turn out to dislike them near towards the end.

For example, Nadiya and Natalie and I remembered in TAR 14, when Margie and Luke won the first leg I got really emotional... Until they turned really, erm... not so nice and competitive and then I realized I don't really like them that much anymore... (then I liked them again in TAR 18 and then they got eliminated... -_-)

Any other teams for you guys? :)

Mug Costanza:
The only one I can really think of right now is Peter & Sarah. (Entirely Peter, though.)

Them too! Peter exactly. :cmas30:

Joseph & Grace, from TARAus is the only one that springs to mind.

Glamazon Racer:
Definitely Margie & Luke and definitely Natalie & Nadiya for me.

I think maybe I could put Laurence & Zac in there too (although only Laurence)/

Also Rob & Amber for me - I really liked them on TAR7 (I didn't know they had been on Survivor before at the time :P) but I could not stand them on All-Stars and I can't stand them on any Survivor seasons I watch... :eww

I guess you could put the Linz family on the list for me too - I didn't dislike them, that's for sure - but I certainly liked them less at the end than I did at the beginning.

I'm struggling to think of any others right now, but there probably aren't any for me.


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