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S25 Ep 14 "Million Dollar Question"

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Glamazon Racer:
Hmmm, I wonder what the "highly coveted advantage" could be... ???

Russell S: This time I'm smacking back...
Joab: "and crashing and burning again". :cmaslol

Malcolm and Denise survived the Matsing suckiness and voted out Russell Swan.

Lisa facing the facts of life and sucked in the first few days, and her best friend is Skupin. Winning...... kept Tandang alive.

At Penner's tribe, Jeff sucked and continued to want to get him out and kept failing to do it due to Penner's awesomeness and experiences. :cmaslol

There were blow ups, break ups, break downs, blind sides...

And things we never see before... who was that who kissed Jeff Probst?

Reilly Queens:
Woohoo Obama's speech ended just in time <3


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