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--- Quote from: Joab on December 12, 2012, 12:36:56 PM ---If they do that they will be my most favourite team ever. :cmaslol

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Mine too  :cmaslol .


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--- Quote from: apskip on December 10, 2012, 12:33:35 PM ---Let's do some basic arithmetic regarding the number of teams that might qualify for the third AllStars season, which I expect to be around AR25. That means that the pool of talent would be from 6 seasons. 12 teams divided by 6 seasons is 2 teams per season! Also, it is entirely possible that some teams from the past (particularly Colin and Christie) will be asked to participate. I think it is a certainty that no team who has been on 2 seasons already will be selected for the 3rd All Star season.

So, what does this mean? Those who postulate this team or that team but in some cases 7 teams from AR21 are in for a nasty fall in my opinion.

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Erm, apskip... maybe not 7 teams but 5 teams is always possible. Look at TAR 18 which is literally TAR 14 and friends.

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yeah and 4 of those teams got booted out 11th,10th,9th,8th...  :cmaslol

I would say yes maybe to Margie&Luke, Amanda&Kris (Two hotties only in TAR 18  :kisses, well and Mallory I guess), and Kisha&Jen

But Mel&Mike and Jaime&Cara?  :mas25
Tony&Dallas and Brook&Claire would be so much better  :cmas16 :cmas16

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Brooke and Claire were asked to participate, but one of them was pregnant and they declined 

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yeah, Claire was pregnant, so they declined. I really want them in the next All Stars (is it possible pick team from TAR 17?). They are definitely one of the strongest Female-Female teams in TAR history. And they are FUN...!!! I love their spirit  :cmas9

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Wait, Brook & Claire are awesome characters in the race, they are all-stars material, but for Unfinished Business, not sure if they had a big of a story as Ronald & Christina or Jet & Cord... what made them lose the $1 million racing around L.A. County unlike the listed above? I only totally remember the last half of the finale when they arrive at the Rose Bowl floats via helicopters.

I think that their late arrival at the Rose Bowl was primarily caused earlier. It could have been bad seating on the flight, delay in getting a taxi at LAX or driver error getting from LAX to the Long Beach docks. The fact is that Claire/Brook were far behind at the first checkpoint of the Long Beach docks and never recovered from that.


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