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Previously on The Amazing Race...

11 teams began a race around the world. There were epic battles, gruelling challenges and devastating defeats. Teams experienced blood (Trey & Lexi with the bull detour), sweat (Chips with the bamboo) and tears (Abbie & the nice lady <33333). 7 teams were eliminated. Trey & Lexi and Nadiya & Natalie made an alliance and got the Chips to join. They managed to eliminate Abbie & Ryan with the double U-Turn plan. The alliance celebrated until the twins failed at the detour.

The Chips had a bad start. The drew on the strength of family and started having more fun. Though they struggled with their conscience, they U-Turned Abbie & Ryan to help launch them into the final 4.

Beekmans appeared to get close to elimination lots of times but they found a way to make it to the final 4.

Trey & Lexi began the race as travelling novices and with each leg, their confidence grew. They game in first 3 times and falling deeper in love along the way.

Twins were loud and proud. They gained friends and foes. They unknowingly woke the competitive drive with the Beekmans and now they have a Speedbump to race for a spot in the final 3.

In a fight to the finish, only 1 team will emerge victorious...

"Have fun at the Speedbump!"

Best Loser:
I'm on time.


--- Quote from: Joab on December 09, 2012, 07:04:38 PM ---Best Loser, are you before time? My show hasn't start.

--- End quote ---

There is a 5 minute delay for some areas due to football running over.

The Amazing Race already started!

Finally I have a chance to watch it live!  :cmas9


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