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My Kitchen Rules 2013

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1 week to go.

Who can't wait?

Whenever I can I will be updating during the show.

I watched an interview with Pete and Manu (Judges/Host) on Sunrise and they have revealed that (among other twists) that Tasting in the Elimination Cook Off will be blind. That's right the judging table will have no idea who's food they will be eating.

1 more sleep. Who is excited for MKR 2013

Only a matter of hours now.

If you live in NSW,VIC,TAS or ACT feel free to update and share your opinion on the teams and the dishes. (Sorry other states. Time difference issues)

Tonight we have Kerrie and Craig; the Childhood Sweethearts from Victoria. How will they cook and what will the other teams think of their cooking.

Tomorrow it's Tasmanian farther and son; Mick and Matt and Wednesday it's Josh and Andi; the so-called "dating hipsters" from Western Australia.

It's only a matter of minutes until the 1st instant restaurant of the season.


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