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My Kitchen Rules 2013

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Lisa & Stefino began the evening with a marriage proposal :conf: :conf: (Fun Fact: they join TAR17 team Chad and Steph in the "Dating to Engaged on a reality show "club). Although the night started on a high the pressure and excitement later caught up with them as they failed to deliver good meals. They scored a 38.

Ashlee & Sophia had some problems at "The Factory" but they scored a 64 sending Lisa & Stefino home.

Tonight it's the first PCC (people's choice challenge). Before beginning Manu gave immunity to the highest scoring team in each group (Mick & Matt, Luke & Scott, Ali & Sam) immunity until the next PCC. They the remaining 9 teams divided into Main (5 teams) and Dessert (4 teams). The rest of this review will be done tomorrow (to be spoilers friendly for WA)

Glamazon Racer:
Can't believe I have forgotten to comment in here!

My thoughts on MKR 2013 so far:

- Absolutely horrible casting. Don't really care for very many teams. The last three seasons have all featured more than 50% of the cast which I absolutely loved, plus a few decent teams and a couple that I would hate, whereas this season there is like two teams that I love and a couple of semi-decent ones and several teams I despise.
- Round 1 of the Instant Restaurants was interesting. Jessie & Biswa were AMAZING <333 but they were horrible in the kitchen so it was a no-brainer.
- Round 2 of the Instant Restaurants was a complete joke. I lost respect for the judges after Sam & Chris's restaurant. For the last three seasons, the only thing they talk about is CONSISTENCY, yet when we get to this restaurant, Manu "can only judge what is on my plate", despite the fact that a dog threw up on one of the dishes. Lisa & Candice were unfairly eliminated in my book. Sam & Chris were the clear weakest team of the group so it baffles me that they finished third. It is a HUGE advantage to cook first in this competition because the teams aren't scoring as strategically and so the teams who cooked first in both rounds scored at least 5-10 points higher than they would have scored if they had cooked later on.
- Round 3 was good. I love Lisa & Stefano but their restaurant was a failure.
- Really sad to see Kieran & Nastassia out as well. Four teams eliminated so far and four that I really liked.
- I don't understand how Jenna & Joanna supposedly had the weakest dish at the markets this week when Mick & Matt served cinnamon chicken that was borderline inedible and Angela & Melina served food that the judges completely hated.

Anyway, now I'll comment on each of the teams in the competition.

Kerrie & Craig (VIC) - Hate this team. The woman treats the man like a slave in the kitchen and the man has the most annoying monotone voice.
Mick & Matt (TAS) - Don't mind them. Not really an exciting team to watch, but they seem to be a decent team.
Josh & Andi (WA) - I really like Andi. Josh is quite boring.
Jessie & Biswa (NSW) - Loved their personalities, but sadly they cooked up a trainwreck.
Jake & Elle (QLD) - Please SHUT UP and get off my television screen. This guy is the most horrible thing ever. His voice makes my ears bleed. And the girl is just... there. Basically she has done nothing other than exist for the sake of existing.
Lisa & Stefano (SA) - Really loved this couple, but I think they took the concept of "less is more" a bit too far.
Sam & Chris (VIC) - I don't think I have ever hated two people on a TV show more quickly than I hated these two. Their voices put me to sleep and they should have gone home already. Please get them out soon, kthx. Can't stand them even remotely.
Lisa & Candice (WA) - Really loved this team! And I think they were not the weakest of their group - by far. They will be missed.
Ali & Samuel (TAS) - They're really cute! I love them! And very much huge contenders for the title!
Luke & Scott (NSW) - They are so boring... but since they are representing NSW I try to tolerate them. If they were from another state, I wouldn't be able to deal with this.
Dan & Steph (QLD) - LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS COUPLE! THEY ARE SO CUTE! <33333333333 :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:
Jenna & Joanna (SA) - OMG THIS TEAM IS EPIC AND I LOVE THEM! :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: WATCHING THEM MAKES ME FEEL SO INSPIRATED! :hoot: :hoot:
Angela & Melina (VIC) - Didn't like them at first, but they are really growing on me now! At this rate, they could turn into one of my favourites!
Kieran & Nastassia (WA) - I loved the geek team! And their dishes were so unique! I just wish that quail was cooked then they would've survived and gotten rid of the disgusting people.
Ashlee & Sophia (NSW) - If I hear 'babes' one more time, I am afraid my ears will bleed. They are extremely rude and exceptionally vile. If they weren't from NSW I would hate them, but since they are from NSW, I try to like them, as with Luke & Scott.

All I have to say is PLEASE LET JOANNA & JENNA WIN THE COOK OFF ON MONDAY!!! :pray: Otherwise I won't have very many reasons to keep watching.

I have to update a lot.

In the first PPC, Angela & Melina won and have safety for the rest of the round and the nerds Kieran & Nastassia went to Sudden Death.

At the first Kitchen HQ challenges they cooked 2 dishes; one with Herbs and one with Spices. The herbs/spice had to be the showcase part of the dish.  Sam & Chris were the weekday and went to SD.

SD was Kieran & Nastassia vs Sam & Chris. By a score of 27 to 40. The judges sent  Kieran & Nastassia packing

Second PPC and the 11 teams competed in the Sydney Markets for lunch time customers. Jake & Elle came out on top and made the highest profit. They also had the right to give a 2nd team safety. They choose Kerrie and Crag. Jenna & Joanna went to SD. 

I didn't watch much of this ep. I  think they made a breakfast dish and a chicken dish. Mick & Matt went to SD.

Monday is SD. Who will win?

Glamazon Racer:
Well I haven't seen tonight's ep but I recorded it, but I hear that Cupcakegoddess Survived <333333333333333333333333333


I'm feeling so inspirated by their success. :hearts:

As racer has pointed out, the cupcakes are in and the farther/son are out. The final verdict was 42-31.

This week is also "My Kitchen Deals" on Deal or no Deal. Everyday a tam from the show will play DonD (the "fantastic 4" format for those who watch the show) for a home viewer. Mick and Matt went 1st (but I didn't watch), Today was the cupcakes who did extrimily well with $45,000.


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