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My Kitchen Rules 2013

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Last night Luke and Scoot cooked up a heathy dinner and an amazing score of 90 and an MKR record of most 10's for an instant restaurant (4 from the judges) and one of the highest scores for an instant restaurant (other teams to score around the 90's were season 2 winners Sammy and Bella (NSW) and season 3 runners up Nic and Rocco(SA)) Lisa and Candace (the current team at risk of elimination) complained about a lot of minor details but ultimately score them a 8 along with the other teams.

Tonight it's Dan and Steph. The married couple from Harvey Bay in Qld. They are cooking an American diner style menu which includes a Cola infused Pork (Luke and Scoot won't be happy with the unhealthy menu) Will they cook to perfection and will Lisa and Candace match outfits again?

Cola infused pork and psychic predictions from Candace were the highlights on MKR as Dan and Steph cooked on Thursday. A near flawless entree, a main which lacked flavour and a overly sweet desert scored the team a 58; just 1 point more then Lisa and Candace.

Monday either Lisa and Cadace (with a score of 57) or their rivals; Jenna and Joanna (yet to cook) will be eliminated but as soon as one team leaves, 3 teams will be joining them as the gate crashers join the show.

Last night was another elimination night on MKR. Show contentJenna and Joanna cooked 3 amazing dishes to get a score of 87  enough to put them 2nd  in the group and to eliminate The Wicked Witches of the West.
The biggest shock of the evening came as the one team departed and the gate-crashers  and this seasons big twist arrived. Pete and Manu told the teams that the lowest 3 scoring teams in their instant restaurant were at risk of elimination and would face another round of instant restaurants against the 3 gate-crasher teams. The  3 teams in this round of instant restaurants will be eliminated and lose their chance at the title of MKR4 winners and a quarter of a million.

Angela and Melina were the first to cook in this new round of instant restaurants. After an over polished entree, a great main and a dessert that wasn't up to scratch they scored a 50.

Last night it was Dan and Steph. A below average entree, a main that went horribly wrong (but had a amazing sauce) and a great desert scored the team a 52 (partially thanks to fellow group 2 cookers Ali and Sam who scored then a 7)

Kieran and Natstassia were time strapped during their instant restaurant. Disbite their menu showing potential and fair scores from the judges. Low scores from the teams gave then a total score of 48.

Yesterday we went to wonderland; by which I mean Ali and Sam instant restaurant. They greatly improved from their original score as they cement their place in the top 5 scores on MKR. But the true action was at the table as Gatecrashers Angela & Melina and Ashlee & Sophia insulted each others behavor at the table.

Tonight it's Lisa & Stefino turn to cook and he will ask a special question to Lisa. But how will she answer. Wednesday it's Sophia and Ashlee's time to cook in the Group 3 finale. Who will be elimination and one more team is eliminated?

Thursday the final 12 will face their first challenge; catering a warehouse party.  The best dish (voted by the party goers) wins immunity from elimination. The worst dish (voted by Pete & Manu) will head to Tuesdays sudden death elimination round. The remaining teams will head to the rappid fire cook off round on Monday.

Monday is rapids fire cook off. What will the judges throw at the team as they scramble to avoid elimination and Tuesday in elimination; who will survive and who will head home as 2 teams face sudden death.


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