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Trying to finish some races I struggled with before (13,2,4,9,8)

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amazing race fan:

--- Quote from: starrynight on December 07, 2012, 09:06:58 AM ---I thought I would have another go at finishing those seasons I didn't quite manage to earlier this year.  I started with season 13 and I did it!

It's not actually as bad as I thought.  The cast isn't that likeable, but I suppose the winners are ok.  The big thing that puts it above a season like the current one is that there are better challenges.  For instance that wooden  bicycle going down hills at that speed just wouldn't be allowed now.  They make everything easier now.  :(  Funny where they got all that powder thrown over them as well, or had to work out the pattern on the maori warriers faces.

Still some things that annoy me and mean I can't have it among my big favourites though.  The romance thing they push is annoying, same in AR3 but that at least had a better cast.  Losing a passport kills any suspense in a leg, so that happening does lessen a season.  Also other teams helping others out and enabling them to survive a leg without them doing so on their own merit irks me.  Dan and Andrew should have been eliminated and the all girl team (reminiscent of the red heads in a later season) should have continued their rivalry with the siblings.  On the positive side we did get some ridiculous footage of them doing the marching task, but I think it was at too big a cost.

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Here is my opinion.

4: Kind of boring. Nothing really excited happened, I would put it off even further.

13: Another boring season, put that off as well.

9: My favorite season. If you like hostility between teams, the last five or so legs of Season 9 are epic. Its a must watch.

2: I liked Season 2. Very underrated Season.

8: Didn't even bother watching. The only season I didn't and will not watch.

Watch Season 9 though, it is epic.

Uhm Season 4 was epic cus it had Kelly & Jon. #js

Reilly Queens:
Season 8 <3 Weavers <3333 Linz <33333 Bransens <333333 GAGHANS <3333

jealous people will be jealous of that season.

I thought the Linz's were kind of creepy. The Bransen's were kind of boring. The Weaver's were somewhat depressing. The Gaghan's were neat and I wish the Black's had been in it longer. The Paolo's were at times entertaining and at others irritating

TAR 13 might not have been as good as the previous seasons but location and task wise was quite good. At least a lot better than the most recent seasons.

TAR 4. I hate Chip and Reichen. I wanted Jon and Kelly to win so I'm biased.

TAR 8. I only watched because it was TAR, otherwise it sucked! It's not worth wasting your time, unless you want to find someone to hate (Weavers)

TAR 9 for me was great. I loved the locations and the rivalry between the top teams.

TAR 2. How can you have not seen TAR 2? Go watch it right now! The ChaCha team, Tara and Will bickering, the original Fern. I love this season.


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