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Trying to finish some races I struggled with before (13,2,4,9,8)

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--- Quote from: addie on December 08, 2012, 12:25:55 PM ---Uhm Season 4 was epic cus it had Kelly & Jon. #js

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Like totally +1. Also, them beating the Wolf and the Witch after a 2-hour deficit or so is just like the most A-Mazing thing I have seen in the show.


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--- Quote from: starrynight on February 11, 2013, 06:10:16 AM ---I managed to finish 8 (the family edition) and actually it was much better than I expected after the disappointment of the first 3 episodes or so, and they do travel to central America and Canada.  The locations overall are quite good, better probably than the last season.  Some tasks are quite good with some drama, like driving the car through the mud.  Some tasks maybe are too easy but there is quite a lot of drama between teams.  A problem could be that there aren't that many teams to root for.  Loved Karissa though and it would have been great if they'd had a non-elimination leg.  Maybe Karissa and her brother could come back as a team eventually to see how they are once grown up?  After them the father and daughters team would probably have been my preferred winners, I didn't like who won.  There was a bit too much emphasis on the Weavers perhaps, though they had a role and their emphasis on their faith could be funny.  The Paolo family were good baddies, the arguments were actually funny.  So as I got to know the teams it became surprisingly watchable.  I might even have to put it above some others like 6, 21, 2.

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I agree (maybe not with referring to the Paolos as baddies, but they were still entertaining.)

I think a lot of the "The Family Edition is terrible! It's the worst season ever!" is said by people who haven't seen it and are just echoing what they have seen. I guess 8 seasons into the show it might have been the worst, but I think it has aged fairly well.

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I just finished watching it as well and I didn't like it early on because I got confused with all the teams, but once it got down to the Final 6 or 5, it got better since I knew the teams. The only thing I wish they didn't do was all the mid leg travels and stops.

I haven't watched Season 8 and i really don't want to do it. To me , it was a negative mark in TAR US history.

amazing race fan:

--- Quote from: Declive on February 11, 2013, 05:05:12 PM ---I haven't watched Season 8 and i really don't want to do it. To me , it was a negative mark in TAR US history.

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I agree. I have watched and re-watched every normal season. Yet, I refuse to watch Season 8. Its not what the race stands for, and its not something I am interested in watching. I am not just going to watch something because it has the Amazing Race title, it has to interest me.

Don't complain as long as you get a season of The Amazing Race. TAR 8 wasn't all bad for people who's not from USA, tyvm. I enjoyed TAR 8 more than TAR 9. :res:


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