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Trying to finish some races I struggled with before (13,2,4,9,8)

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Best Loser:
I wasn't really a fan of Oswald & Danny in TAR2. They're a lot better in All-Stars if you plan on watching that.

Glamazon Racer:
I also hated Reichen & Chip. I absolutely loved Kelly/Jon, David/Jeff, Millie/Chuck, Tian/Jaree and Monica/Sheree, so I really wish one of them would have won and made that season a lot better. I really like the first five legs of TAR4 with some amazing location choices there, and even the Malaysian legs and especially the South Korean leg were amazing for me. I did not enjoy India (besides the bull hanging on thing) or Australia or the finale.

Looking back at the first four seasons, it is very suspenseless to have "will be eliminated" every time, but back then, we didn't know any better I suppose! :cmaslol

As for Oswald & Danny - without doubt my favourite male/male team of all time! :cmas9

Oswald and Danny didn't make me laugh at all, and seemed to be as arrogant as others on the race.

Season 9  - ugh, annoyed Monica and Joseph didn't make the final.  I was kind of expecting it with the fun edit BJ and Tyler get and how they always edit to Monica looking angry.  That's the only team worth rooting for at the end for me, so the final is a bit of a non-event.  Ray and Yolanda bore me, no real conection with the main theme of the season which was really about the other 3 teams in the final 4.  The old couple were ok but they did well getting as far as they did.  BJ and Tyler seemed a bit over the top with their games against Monica and Joseph.  The rivalry was still fun in a way but getting cut short before the final is a letdown.  The hippies obviously lucked out themselves being last in 2 non-elimination legs.  I found it a bit annoying how they always called themselves the nice guys.

Fran & Barry is the only reason why I like Season 9. I always love older couple team who made it far

Maybe it is just me, but I found TAR4 to be quite boring in general, and I became just slightly less interested in TAR at that point. It also made me worry that it would never return as a result, but thankfully they won the Emmy.


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