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S25 Ep 13 "Gouge My Eyes Out"

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Here is what I am thinking fir tonight: Malcom wins imunity and gives his hidden idol to Denise. Then Malcome and Denise take out Lisa tonight! That's my theori.

If Macome, or Denise, do not win imunity, then Abi goes.

Glamazon Racer:
Welcome to RFF Daveyk01! :hiya :bigwelcome :welcome2: :hithere:

We'll see if your prediction turns out to be true shortly! ;)

Glamazon Racer:
Episode started. Abi thanks everyone that she is still here. Michael says it is ironic that Abi made it to the Final Five as she thought she would, but with completely different people to what she would have expected.

Abi wants to continue the fictitious idol ruse. :cmaslol

Malcolm is worried because Lisa wants to take 'someone she can beat' to the end..... ;)

Glamazon Racer:
Nobody believes Abi's idol story, but Abi tells Lisa that she is on the bottom of the four-person alliance. Not sure what that will achieve, but it is interesting nonetheless.

Then at Reward Challenge, Skupin dominated and just edged out Malcolm for the pizza/softdrink and whale(?) watching reward. He chose to take Malcolm and Lisa.

Jeff: Abi, you look heartbroken.
Abi: I am. I guess my vote doesn't mean anything. :res:

Abi, you are hilarious! <3 :cmaslol :lol3:

Glamazon Racer:
Abi and Denise are having a lovely day together... or not... :cmaslol

When they got back to camp:

Denise: What do we have here to cover it up in case it rains?
Abi: *looks around* We have a machete to kill them with when they get back. <333333333333333333 :cmaslol :lol3:

Meanwhile Malcolm is making a Final Three deal with Lisa/Skupin by saying that Denise would be unbeatable at the end, but Lisa is like "we made the deal, but if I need to make another deal, I'll do that too" or something along those lines. <3 :cmas23 Go Lisa! <3 :cmas17

Oh, and Abi believes she is the swing vote... interesting... wonder if it actually plays out that way... :cmas5


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