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Killer Karaoke on TruTv


Has anyone else watched this? It's hilarious! Hosted by Steve-O, contestants have to try to do their best renditions of songs while being tortured in some way. One guy had to step into vats of fish guts, live scorpions, snakes, a tiny gator, nd a boa constrictor while singing, another poor guy got his chest and legs waxed while singing! Plus Steve-O stuck a scorpion on him while singing. There are 3 rounds of 2 contestants and the audience votes every round for a winner, then all 3 winners go into a final round and the winner gets $$$.  It's on Fridays at 9 pm eastern time.

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I did see part of this show. A woman was in a big clear plastic container of water and had to sing while they dumped in snakes. YIKES!

Ew!  :cmas7.   No way! :cmas13

I love these shows and I am on summer break (live in Australia )

Guess what I am youtubing all summer

(just kidding, I have a life but I will still watch a fair bit of it)

the pilot was decent - SteveO was funny at parts, but he is no way a good host. My family enjoyed the pilot, but when the 2nd episode featured many of the same situations and then 3rd as well... it got old.


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