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Here's some extremely sad and tragic news from Hera. She and her former fiance, Joaquin Rams, had a son, Prince Rams, a while back. After Hera and Joaquin broke up, the courts awarded Hera custody of the child and gave the Joaquin unsupervised visitation rights. Back on October 20th, while little Prince was visiting Joaquin, he died under suspicious circumstances which included a bloody nose and bruises to the head. Some news stories have come out in the last few days and mention that Joaquin Rams is being investigated about 2 other deaths, an ex-girlfriend in 2003 and his Mother in 2008.

Here's a link to a news story about it.

Here's a link to Hera's Blog: 

Warning, it's a heart wrenching and eloquent set of posts about her grief and anger from the last 6 weeks or so. I couldn't get through all of it myself. The scary part is that from the posts before Prince's death, she seems to have been expecting something like that to happen.

RIP Prince.

Just reading the linked article from FOX News is bad enough.

How very very sad.

What a horrible and tragic story. I hope justice is served for her and her baby boy Prince.

Our hearts and prayers are with you, Hera!

It has gone viral and published in several main papers...  :cmas7  :cmas4

In an editorial, The Washington Post’s editorial board wrote,

--- Quote ---“It’s not known yet whether Prince’s death could have been prevented, but the case should cause soul-searching by officials in Montgomery County family court who lifted supervision of the toddler’s visits and by Prince William law enforcement agencies who investigated earlier incidents involving the father. ‘A faulty and callous legal system,’ Prince’s grandfather wrote the judge, sent the boy to a death that was ‘at best … neglect. At worst … murder.’”
--- End quote ---

Other articles:

Amazing Race contestant’s toddler’s “suspicious death”: system “failed to protect an innocent child”

 :pray:   my deep condolences for Hera and her family


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