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Who Will Win TAR 21?

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I went with Josh and Brent too. It was a gut feeling that they are gonna do well at the finale memory challenge and I was righhhhhhhht.


--- Quote from: serendipity on December 05, 2012, 03:28:16 AM ---1. Who will be eliminated in the first episode? Twinnies!!  :cmas9
2. Who do you want to win? Abbie and Ryan so Josh and Brent
3. Who do you think deserves to win? Abbie and Ryan so Jaymes and James
4. Who do you think will win? Josh and Brent

If Josh and Brent win I think this is a repeat of TAR16!
Josh/Brent = Dan/Jordan (non alpha MM team not so strong throughout the race)
Jaymes/James = Jet/Cord (Strong alpha MM team failed short)
Trey/Lexi = Brent/Caite (Generic MF team with an annoying female partner)

--- End quote ---

I feel so proud that I got all the guess even the place correct! Really a TAR16 repeat~!  :cmas22


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