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Glamazon Racer:
Here we go for the second last time this year! :ascared

I didn't realize there were only two more episodes this season... :(

Natalie & Nadiya depart first at 2:55 AM. Fly to Barcelona, Spain. Then proceed to the island of Mallorca by an overnight ferry. Then they'll see devils and demons playing with fire. One of them has the clue. Natalie & Nadiya manage to get on a flight by themselves?

Jaymes & James depart at 5:57 AM. :o They U-Turned their friends Abbie & Ryan last leg. They say it would be awkward if Abbie & Ryan were still in the race...

Trey & Lexi depart at 6:38 AM.

Chips get a flight by themselves... Trey & Lexi get on a flight by themselves as well? The first three teams are all making their way to Barcelona, Spain on different flights.

Natalie & Nadiya are the first to arrive in Barcelona.

Josh & Brent depart at 9:38 AM. They've been playing catch up for 3 legs...

"I'm not pregnant."  :lol3:

Josh had a foot injury in the last leg and now it's wrapped.
Brent: "Breathe through the pain."
Josh: "I'm not pregnant. :lol3: :lol3: :lol3:

Natalie & Nadiya see the Chips at the ferry station and they give each other hugs. The first boat is at 11:00 PM. :lol: Now they all see Trey & Lexi and they all give hugs and they do a final 3 hand... thing. They decide to hit the beach. They play in the water. They do another final 3 hand... thing. The three teams come back from the beach and they arrive at the ferry station to see... Josh & Brent! Chips are happy that they got rid of Abbie & Ryan. Josh & Brent are happy to finally see the other teams.


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