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TAR 21 Ep 12 FINALE/NYC "Take Down That Million" part 2

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--- Quote from: Alenaveda on December 04, 2012, 10:27:37 AM ---
--- Quote from: DrRox on December 04, 2012, 10:09:50 AM ---Recent finales have seem to have two RBs and a dual partner task. So far we have the bungy RB, the flag/salutation RB and the dual partner pizza task.

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Agree with you with the recent finales, DrRox; but the problem this season is that we already had 11 RB performed along the race.  Here's the list, leg by leg:

1.  Tennis table and Fallopian Tubes.
2.  Balloons.
3.  Serve lunch at restaurant.
4.  Repair bus.
5.  Build a scale.
6.  Sell in the Grand Bazaar.
7.  Unlock the locks.
8.  Time zone puzzle.
9.  Switchback
10.  Tennis at Manacor.

The thing is we already have two more legs upcoming, and only 1 RB to perform.  Unless they change the rules and teams have to face 14 RBs instead of 12, what would allow a 7-7 count in the last leg with a double RB.

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I guess your rule book is out of date. The pattern for the finale has been the same since TAR18. Two RBs and a dual task.


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