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TAR 21 Ep 12 FINALE/NYC "Take Down That Million" part 2

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I wonder if a Houdini theme is planned. He's buried at Machpelah, just down the road from the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Is Time Square - Broadway in the mix of locations briefly featured like in season 12 with the Captain Cook and Salmon Statue?

Promo up in post #2!

It think it reads Amazing Houdini, with three placards for three teams. So...maybe the Chips were scanning the area in our previous photo, then they found this billboard and rush off to the Navy Yard.

im a bit confused, but not only will teams have to memorize the hellos/goodbyes, but they will have to know the country flags as well? or are the correct flags provided for them? idk  :cmaslol


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