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TAR 21 Ep 11 (France) "Take Down That Million" part 1

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Chateau d If:
It looks like the final memory challenge has the "Hello" and "Goodbye" we expected.  They have to raise banners with the correct "Hello" and "Goodbye" to match the country's flag flying at the top.

There is a US flag that may already have the banners in place as an example.

There is also a Mexican flag in the shot so that means that there are phony route countries in place to foil the Racers.   :lol3:

The location appears to match this Google Streetview:  Link

Everyone knows this location as the United Nations Building in New York City.  Note the flags reflecting in the windows at the bottom of the Streetview image.   :lol:


--- Quote from: supah3ro on October 08, 2012, 12:34:21 AM ---Last night's episode AND last week's episode, the Pit Stop greeter said 'goodbye' to one of the teams in the country's respective language.
I don't know if producers have asked greeters to do this to make things more cultural, OR it could be a possible memory task for the final Leg ('goodbye' in every language of every country you visited on the racer), thoughts?

--- End quote ---

you heard it hear first ;)

Chateau d If:
That's what 'we expected' means   :crazy:

Chateau d If:

Never mind the bit about the Mexican flag.  I see now that it is one of the regular flags flying in front of the UN   :groan:

 I'm really impressed that BVM was able to get the proper permissions. IIRC only The Translator has received permits for filming on U.N. property; even Hitchcock had to film NxNW guerilla-style.


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