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TAR: SOUTH AFRICA - Is it Real or Is it a JOKE ?!?!


Found this quite interesting yet funny article about TAR being franchised in South Africa by SABC (South Africa Broadcasting Corporation)

Have a read, and put your thoughts... is it REAL or is it a JOKE ???   :duno:

SABC to make own version of ‘The Amazing Race’ for race-obsessed SA

The SABC has announced that it will produce its own version of the hit reality show ‘The Amazing Race’, in which race-obsessed South Africans will find ways to bring race into every aspect of their everyday lives. According to the broadcaster, they had settled on the concept after discarding other international shows, including ‘Survivor: Mangaung’ and ‘I’m A Convicted Fraudster, Get Me Out Of Here!’

The announcement this morning was slightly delayed after the SABC’s daily word-banning meeting ran over time. Spokesman Flatscreen Mkhize apologized, saying that the process of banning counterrevolutionary words was “incredibly slow” as senior management had “very limited vocabularies and need to look up the meaning of all suspicious words in their copy of My First Big Illustrated Dictionary Of Words To Help Cover Up And Deny Corruption”.

However, he said, he was delighted to announce the launch of ‘The Amazing Race’, to be filmed in Limpopo next year.

“It combines South Africa’s two great passions: looking at pretty landscapes, and obsessing over the colour of our skin,” he said.

Mkhize revealed that contestants would travel around the province, performing race-related tasks, “which, in South Africa, is pretty much anything”.

But, he added, two highlights would be a challenge in which contestants would have to see how quickly they could bring race into a debate around cheese-making, while in another episode they would have to search to find a comment that did not include race or a racial slur, with a time limit of just 12 hours.

“And of course there’ll be the usual ‘Amazing Race’ features like ‘roadblocks’,” said Mkhize. “In our version it’s an actual roadblock, where contestants are pulled over, threatened, and then bribed by Metro cops according to the colour of their skin.”

He admitted that the SABC had considered a number of other reality show formats, but had discarded them all.

“For example, we all know who’s going to win ‘Survivor: Mangaung’, and we aren’t sure our audience wants to see Jacob Zuma in a Speedo, trying to piece together a puzzle in the shape of South Africa.”

He said that ‘I’m A Convicted Fraudster, Get Me Out Of Here!’ had also proved problematic. “This one also always ends predictably: the player with mild bronchitis and ties to the President gets the medical parole, while the terminal cancer patient with no ANC links snuffs it in the prison infirmary.”

He also confirmed that the broadcaster had briefly considered ‘Are You Smarter Than A Matric?’.

“It would have been really convenient, because we wouldn’t have had to think up new questions,” he said. “I mean, American and British Grade 5 is more or less equivalent to a South African matric these days, so it would have saved us a lot of time and money.”

Posted on November 9, 2012By Hayibo

complete article:

Reilly Queens:

Best Loser:
Come on, you shouldn't need someone to tell you that's satire. You could have checked the "About" page for the website if you were unsure.

" was conceived in a barn in 2008 during a passionate bout of lovemaking between the SABC news department and’s Head of Scaremongering.

It remains South Africa’s first and only source of satirical news, and operates out of Cape Town, which is a small country situated between Britain and the 19th Century."

Some of the articles there made me laugh, though, so thanks for introducing it to me.


LOL..  :lol:

I'm aware that this is not really a TAR franchise, that's why I put the title with additional Real or Joke? But because I'm pretty anxious finding articles about our TAR in Africa and this one just came up on my search engine and thought just put it here in the forum to see what everyone's comment and say about it.. See even it's fake but at least it entertain us while waiting for the recent news and sightings  :lol:

Cheers from a man who needs to be told  :groan:


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