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The Amazing Race Canada 1--Pre-Race Speculation

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There hasn't been any official word of when filming will be yet. But the show will be airing in "Summer 2013" (presumably July and August) and Applications are due on February 28th, with them saying if you make it to the next stage, you will be contacted for an interview in March.

So Presumably the interviews will be in March, final preparations in April, filming in May, airing in July and August.

It's official! It seems they are informally announcing when the show will be filmed. In the FAQ section of the casting site, it says "The first season will be filmed in Spring 2013.  Teams will need to be available from Mid April until Late May 2013."


They asked for drivers history, but never mentioned anything about being required to have a license to drive.

--- Quote ---11.    By applying to participate in the Race, you authorize the Producer to conduct civil, criminal, financial, driver-history and any other types of background checks deemed necessary by the Producer.
--- End quote ---


Apparently, the printing company who produce merchandise and other necessary race-related products has released some pictures..

Those are the clue envelope and the luggage/bag tag

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b22krishna - about 21 hours ago

our client is the sponsor of this race, so they gave out some promotional items, go apply!! They are still taking applications..

• The Amazing Race Canada is in …

“I wish I knew the reason for that,” is King’s candid admission about why The Amazing Race resonates so much more with viewers in Canada than it does with Americans.

“We consume a lot of American media,” King continued. “Most of it bleeds over our border. Eighty per cent of what Americans like, Canadians like. But there’s always this oddball 20 per cent that Canadians love way more than Americans, and vice versa. Amazing Race has been a top three or top five show in Canada, really, for a decade. In the U.S., it’s decent. Clearly enough to stick on the air.”

The Amazing Race Canada will be an exceedingly expensive, complicated production to pull off, King admitted. He worried that the format’s age — 10 years — might mean CTV was a day late jumping in, but King noticed that not only have The Amazing Race’s ratings held steady in Canada over the years; they’ve climbed.

By airing The Amazing Race Canada in summer — ”We’ll do 10 weeks, in July and August” — King hopes to avoid the problem that hurt So You Think You Can Dance Canada so badly. The original Amazing Race airs in spring and fall. By airing in midsummer, The Amazing Race Canada will avoid a traffic jam.

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