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The Amazing Race Canada 1--Pre-Race Speculation

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Let's welcome The Amazing Race Canada Rush (another CR aside from China Rush) :cmaslol

I think they should race from east to west. chase the sun. Colin or Howie.

Howie is good at one-day game shows like Deal or No Deal and that upcoming Take It All mini-game show on NBC. I'm not sure about him handling long-term competitions. "Got Talent" wasn't very fun after Mandel replaced "The Hoff". :cmas12

I have a feeling Daryn Jones will be hosting. Haven't heard of him from B or athlete-classed celebrity level and Phil back in TAR1 and Grant Bowler wasn't very chatted around back when the shows premiered.

I'm so excited for this, I'm applying!

Phil Keoghan tweeted last week regarding TAR Canada, saying more details will be up soon but to prepare a 3 minut video and 540 words and to "get your application ready".

He also said "A2Qs abt vid 4 @AmazingRaceCDA the best audition tapes have nothing in common with each other watz ur story in 500 words, are u interesting?"


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