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The Amazing Race Canada 1--Pre-Race Speculation

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A Decade in the Making: CTV to Deliver Special On-Air Message to Canadians this Sunday, Dec. 2

CTV will deliver a special on-air message directed exclusively to Canadians this Sunday, Dec. 2 in a commercial break sometime between 8-9 p.m. ET. The message was taped in secret earlier this month at CTV headquarters by one of the most recognizable people on television, a multiple Emmy® Award-winning personality.

Leading up to the big reveal, viewers can share their guesses on Twitter about what this special message could be for a chance to win a special CTV prize package with the hash tag #CTVSpecialMessage.



Ben Mulroney posing with what appears to be Phil Keoghan

Yay! Hopefully another English version to watch! :hearts: :yess:

(I understand the Spanish ones from Latin America to a point, but high school Spanish will only take you so far... :lol: )

If the host is Ben Mulroney... :groan: But so happy about this! Hopefully it won't turn out like all the other failed attempts of Canadian versions of shows... :res: If it's successful enough to last a few years, I might try applying for it. :lol:

So it's confirmed, there's a TAR Canada now?


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