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The Amazing Race Canada 1--Pre-Race Speculation

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Yay! Hopefully another English version to watch! :hearts: :yess:

(I understand the Spanish ones from Latin America to a point, but high school Spanish will only take you so far... :lol: )

If the host is Ben Mulroney... :groan: But so happy about this! Hopefully it won't turn out like all the other failed attempts of Canadian versions of shows... :res: If it's successful enough to last a few years, I might try applying for it. :lol:

So it's confirmed, there's a TAR Canada now?

Woah!! It's real?!?! Cool!!! It's really confirmation right now? Ohh, It's very more interesting!! It's time coming soon verison to the world!!!!!!!!!

Nothing is official until the CTV "announcement" Sunday PM.  :luvya:


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