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The Amazing Race Canada 1--Pre-Race Speculation

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I didn't think I'd be excited about this, but I am. :wohoo:

Heee, I am just getting ready. Busy time. :)

While you're waiting for the batteries in your camera to recharge (because you'll need it for when TAR CA comes to your home town), lets turn our thoughts to what we know for sure about TAR CA:
  Chevrolet - all self driving will be in Chevys - I think we'll see a lot of self driving in Chevy Cruzes or Trax.
  Air Canada - it will be the exclusive airline - so only places where AC flies - no WestJet or Porter
  BlackBerry - clues may be sent via BlackBerry? Don't know how they'll fit this one in - maybe navigation apps? U Turns displayed on the Playbook?
  INTERAC - should be interesting - instead of cash at the pit stop release give the racers prepaid credit cards.

CTV is the broadcast network - so look for them to avoid locations that stink of Rogers - i.e. the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Rogers arena in Vancouver
Insight Productions - production company - Canada's equivalent of World Race Productions for TAR CA - based in Toronto - also produced Big Brother Canada amongst other things.

And I wasn't kidding about the camera thing. The race start is imminent - be ready. Watch the twitters!

9 teams seems low  :(

Off to the real deal! Thanks everyone!


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