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The Amazing Race Australia 3 - Destinations - Wishlist.

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Great Route Bwils! I love it!

Leg 1: Brisbane, Australia (Kangaroo Point Cliffs) to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Sepang International Circuit)
Leg 2: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Bangkok, Thailand (Victory Monument)
Leg 3: Bangkok, Thailand to Bangalore, India (Dodda Ganeshana Gudi)
Leg 4: Bangalore, India to Moscow, Russia (All-Russia Exhibition Centre)
Leg 5: Moscow, Russia to St. Petersburg, Russia (Peterhof Palace)
Leg 6: St. Petersburg, Russia to Basel, Switzerland (Augusta Raurica)
Leg 7: Basel,Switzerland to Madrid, Spain (Almudena Cathedral)
Leg 8: Madrid, Spain to Seville, Spain (Torre del Oro)
Leg 9: Seville, Spain to Nassau, The Bahamas (Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre)
Leg 10: Nassau, The Bahamas to Tampa, Florida, USA (El Centro Espaņol de Tampa)
Leg 11: Tampa, Florida, USA to Las Vegas,Nevada, USA (Las Vegas Springs Preserve)
Leg 12: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA to Adelaide, Australia (Mount Lofty - Fire Tower)

Leg 1. Canberra, Australia to Auckland, NZ
Leg 2: Auckland to NZ South Island
Leg 3: NZ to Santiago, Chile
Leg 4: Chile to Lima, Peru to Machu Picchu, Peru
Leg 5 Peru to Amazon Brazil
Leg 6: Amazon to Rio, Brazil
Leg 7: Brazil to Mexico City
Leg 8:Mexico City to San Francisco, USA
Leg 9: SF to Las  Vegas
Leg 10: US to South Korea
Final Leg: South Korea to Thailand to Canberra to Australian Alps
Finish Line: Mt. Kosciusko.

Thinking logically, they'll want to go to places they've not been to before, but are quite easy to make a leg in. So for example, places like Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Japan, Tanzania, Botswana, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, UK, USA, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, NZ are probably more likely to be visited.

^ Don't forget the random 'Oh, it's a country that TARUS hasn't visited! Let's go there!' Which I hope is in either eastern Europe or Africa.


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