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Here's another story announcing TAR Norway 2 and it's teams:

The Google Translation:

Freddy dos Santos ready for another round of "Amazing Race"

Pictured with the former Våler Anga player are Lillestrøm supporters Milorad and Dario Dunderovic.

OUT IN THE WORLD: Today adds Milorad and Dario Dunderovic nine other 'Amazing Race' couple and producer Freddy dos Santos embarks on a journey that takes them around the world. - We hope finals, says father and son - but since they are Lillestrøm supporters they threaten the former Vålerenga player with penalty. Photo: Green Berg

They fled from the war in the Balkans 20 years ago. Father and son Milorad (59) and Dario Dunderovic (22) was second pass in seven years.

Nåer they are ready to take up the slack.

Passport in place
- We love to travel. Would rather spend money on it than on cars, clothing and renovation of the kitchen, says Milorad Dunderovic.

They came as refugees from Sarajevo in 1992, and it would be seven years before the Norwegian government gave the family citizenship and passport.

- We are grateful that we came to Norway. We were well received and is well integrated. We know the series well from the Norwegian and American television. Throughout the 90's we were not sure and could not travel - and we love it, says Father Dunderovic.

Out in the world

Today kicked off the second edition of the "Amazing Race" on TV2. Ten pairs with different relationships to compete against each other. They are out in the world, but where they do not know. Along the way they solve problems and move forward - and with minimal money.

The recordings will be going for nearly four weeks, and during a fall and a couple of. The winner can expect one million prize and any travel experiences richer.

- We disagree on a lot, but there are two things we agree on when it comes to television. We are interested in football and love the "Amazing Race." Of the thousands who signed up, we have been pulled out. We aim to get to the final, says Dario Dunderovic.

Fled from the war

Lille Dario was two years old when he came to Norway in 1992. Mora's Bosnian Muslim while her father is Bosnian Serb. They had to flee. Such "mixed marriages" had nothing in the Balkans to do then.

- We chose love over nationalism. I'd rather not talk about the war. It was awful and we had to go, says Milorad Dunderovic.

The family with Dario and big brothers of nine and twelve years ended on Trandum reception center, then to the west countryside Hareid, later in Oslo - and now the family base in Nittedal.

Milorad Dario holds an MBA and working in a security company. But now it is effecting the tv program that has the focus. TV2 display the program in the spring - and with football charmer and Vaal? Meadow-boy Freddy dos Santos as a presenter.

- These two guys here are Lillestrøm patriots located in other words, already lagging, the former football player jokingly. He has received contend with the participants in the weekend.

- We have had tests and become familiar with each other. It's a good bunch, and competitive nature has already turned into.

Friend: Cecilie Andresen Kreutz (41) single and Camilla Harner Smith (43) married, Friends from the area. Photo: TV2

Married couples: Lill Marie Hande (33) and Stian Hande (33), spouses of Son. Photo: TV2

Friend: Eva Skjønhaug (49) married and Wenche Eriksen (50) married girlfriends from Drøbak. Photo: TV2

Friend: Priscila Merkesdal (23) and Linn Christine Pedersen (21) Single Friends from Bergen. Photo: TV2

Cohabitants: Sveinung Ellingsen (29) and Solfrid Kvalvik (27), partners from Andenes. Photo: TV2

FRIENDS: Julie Eline Sannerud (21) single and Robert Somods (23) single friends from Drammen / Ådal / Hallingby. Photo: TV2

FATHER AND SON: Milorad (left) and his son Dario Dunderovic (right) Photo: Green Berg / Dagbladet

BROTHERS: Omar Ishqair (28) roommate and Bilal Ishqair (26) single brothers from Oslo. Photo: TV2

FRIENDS: Allan Wetrhus (42) roommate and Ørjan Heimlid Øvstetun (26) boyfriend, buddies / teammates fraKristiansand and Årdal. Photo: TV2

FRIENDS: Vinh Thanh Phung (28) girlfriend and Terje Løvgro Stokke (29) girlfriend, buddies from Oslo. Photo: TV2

Could it be our mystery sighting from Oslo , than?

Apparently TAR Norway is underway as there are several tweets with sightings in and around Oslo. This explains the sighting with a picture I found the other day from Oslo. They were probably doing some pre race footage, or perhaps the first leg was in Oslo and the tweets below are the start of the second leg.

Igor Dunderovic ‏@IgorDunderovic
Pappa og broderen reiser på tur med Amazing Race i dag :) …
1:35 AM Pacific standard Time - 20 Nov 12

Google translation:
Dad and brother traveling on tour with Amazing Race today :)

Simen Nordeide ‏@SimenNordeide
Amazing Race-innspilling på Nationaltheateret. @GeirEspen klarte å snike seg med som linselus, men fikk ikke ta bilde med deltakerne.
3:33 AM Pacific standard Time - 20 Nov 12

Google translation:
Amazing Race recording at the National. @ Geir Espen managed to sneak by that linselus, but did not take a picture with the participants.

I checked @GeirEspen and he hasn't tweeted anything about his sighting.

Bradd Libby ‏@bradd_libby
They're filming an episode of 'The Amazing Race' at Gardermoen airport right now...
3:58 AM Pacific standard Time - 20 Nov 12

Martin Enger ‏@martinenger
To jenter med store ryggsekker og kameracrew på slep på flytoget mot Gardermoen nå. Starter Amazing Race i dag, mon tro?
4:02 AM Pacific standard Time - 20 Nov 12

Google translation:
Two girls with big backpacks and camera crew in tow on the express train to the airport now. Starting Amazing Race today, I wonder?

Gardermoen airport is the airport for Oslo. I'm not sure what the National is, probably a museum?


--- Quote from: Declive on November 20, 2012, 08:21:30 PM ---Could it be our mystery sighting from Oslo , than?

--- End quote ---

I think it must be.

This is the start of TAR Norway 2.

"Nationaltheatret" is The National Theatre".

"Mathallen" is a newly open food market.


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