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A new mystery sighting today! It's from Oslo, Norway and with TAR 22 in Tahiti, I don't think this is TAR 22. My best guess is that it could be TAR Norway 2, but I haven't heard a word about that happening. Here's the tweets and picture I've found. The picture shows  a team being interviewed, probably at the pit stop in a plaza in downtown Oslo. There is another team in the background next to the statue. The location can probably be figured out by someone familiar with Oslo.

Helge Rege Gårdsvoll ‏@helgerg
Amazing Race i spikersuppa nå!
3:04 AM Pacific Standard Time - 17 Nov 12

Google Translation:
Amazing Race in nail soup now!

Hanne Evensen ‏@hanneevensen
Nesen litt jævlig kult da amazing race deltakere løper på meg under innspilling. Sku vinne dem hvertfall
3:07 AM Pacific standard time - 17 Nov 12

Google translation:
Nose slightly freaking cool when amazing race participants run on me during recording. Sku win them at least

Hanna ‏@HannaBananas
Typisk at de filmer Amazing Race den ene dagen vi klarer å komme oss til Mathallen.
3:18 AM Pacific Standard Time  - 17 Nov 12

Google Translation:
Typical that they film Amazing Race one day we manage to get to the Food Hall.

Kristine Ripnes ‏@ripn3z
Had a nice chat with the guy from Amazing race while buying my first christmas presents :)
4:27 AM Pacific Standard Time - 17 Nov 12

The start of TAR : Ukraine?


--- Quote from: Declive on November 17, 2012, 08:36:39 PM ---The start of TAR : Ukraine?

--- End quote ---

 I'd expect TAR Ukraine to start in the Ukraine, but it certainly could be a leg of TAR Ukraine! Good thought. I'd kind of forgotten about them.

I was thinking the host was too short to be Freddy Dos Santos of TAR Norway, but I'm not sure how tall he is.

This morning, TV 2 revealed the contestants for the next season of The Amazing Race Norge (The Amaxing Race Norway)!

Here's a Google translation of the above story:

Cecilia and Camilla ready for "The Amazing Race Norway

Next year is finally ready for a new season of "The Amazing Race Norway" - the program in which ten Norwegian couples compete in a frantic race around the world. Record number of participants have signed up, and today we can finally reveal who gets to participate in the race.

See a complete list of next season's participants further down in the article!

According to the program editor Torkil G. Auran in TV 2 will output an even greater push participants to the extreme this season.

- We will be traveling both high and low, new known and unknown destinations. Participants will be facing serious physical and mental challenges. They really should get familiar on its borders, he has previously stated.
Afraid of appearing stupid

Bærum girlfriends Cecilie Kreutz (41) and Connie Smith (43) are two of the participants who will soon embark on what could be their life's journey. They are articulate girls who are not afraid to say what they mean. But up in all the talk they are afraid of how others perceive them.

- I am afraid of appearing stupid, says Cecilie before she tells us more about how she can be when she is on holiday.

- My problem is that I have traveled a lot in the past few years, but then, I have erected in five star hotels, and I have not had so many challenges on another trip if I arrive and the room did not have the view I want or that the bed not quite soft enough, I'm down, jaws, and I will have it perfect, says 41-year-old honest to the website of TV2

She also acknowledges that she can be a bit brutal in the turns.

- I think some of the challenge is that I can run over people unless I really see it myself, for when I am unsure, I will be terribly arrogant and can stand on mine, and I see it all by himself, said Kreutz.

Oliver Øvstetun Allan Wetrhus (42) and Oliver Øvstetun (26) is one of bærum women competing teams. They are buddies who first became known when they started playing football together. Øvstetun tells that he would be perceived as unbeatable.

- I have the image that everything should be possible to do, no one will beat me.

26-year-old puts trust in his older partner when it comes to not boil over.

- The challenge is to stay calm, because I have a huge testosterone and adrenaline that must get out. We will probably go on a few blisters when we are not thinking enough about us well when we read the clue. I'm very stressed, so it's Allan must take responsibility for ensuring that we remain calm, he said.

See the list of participants are included in "The Amazing Race Norway" below!

Photo: Beate Sneve Larsen © TV 2

Friends: Eva Skjønhaug (49) and Wenche Eriksen (50)

These Drøbak her friends have known each other for ten years. Eva loves her job as general manager, while the student Wenche love life in the mountains.

Photo: Beate Sneve Larsen © TV 2

Teammates: Allan Wetrhus (42) and Oliver Øvstetun (26)

Allan and Oliver both play football - and that was in training for around a year ago that the two met. While describing the Ørjan like a big boulder bass with good humor, while Allan, "the old man" to be a more cynical variant of Oliver.

Photo: Beate Sneve Larsen © TV 2

Father and son: Milorad Dunderovic (59) and Dario Dunderovic (22)

Milorad perceive Dario irresponsible, lazy and junk. Dario perceive as Milorad handed, unfair and fussy. 'Amazing Race Norway "is the only program Dunderovic father and son manage to agree to look at, and the two hope that participation in the program can bring them closer together.

Photo: Beate Sneve Larsen © TV 2

Married couples: Lill Marie Hande (33) and Stian Hande (33)

Hande The couple have been together for 15 years. They have two sons, two dogs and a hamster together. Damilien is active and enjoys being out on tour and play. Hande pair has however not been much out there and traveled - much due Lill Marie's fear of flying.

Photo: Sandra Mei Ling Noer / TV 2

Colleagues: Julie Sannerud (21) and Robert Somods (23)

Students, friends and Moods of Norway-colleagues Julie and Robert was thinking 'Amazing Race Norway "was something for them once they saw the first season on TV. The two love konkurreere together and hope to create unforgettable moments they can tell the grandchildren.

Photo: Sandra Mei Ling Noer / TV 2

Brothers: Omar Ishqair (28) and Bilal Ishqair

Omar and Bilal has a Finnish mother and Palestinian father. They grew up in Dubai, but lives in the capital. The brothers believe they have an advantage in that they can work very well together. That both are stubborn think they will be a challenge.

Photo: Sandra Mei Ling Noer / TV 2

Friends: Cecilie Kreutz (41) and Connie Smith (43)

This friendship began with a dispute over the Bekkestua 25 years ago. These women are both raised in Bærum and know each other for better or worse. They have supported each other through three divorces. Both admit that they love the attention.

Photo: Beate Sneve Larsen © TV 2

Cohabitants: Solfrid Kvalvik (37) and Sveinung Ellingsen (29)

It was not so long ago and Sveinung Solfrid moved. Together they have five children from previous relationships. By previous travel experiences together are Mediterranean cruises and charter vacation in Turkey.

Photo: Sandra Mei Ling Noer / TV 2

Mates: Vinh Phung (28) and Terje Stokke (29)

These unmarried friends are back packet in large parts of the world. They've been best friends since high school and admits that they are a somewhat odd duo.

Photo: Beate Sneve Larsen © TV 2

Best Friends: Linn Christine Pedersen (21) and Priscila Merkesdal (23)

Best girlfriends Priscila Linn and Christine have lived in Bergen whole life. The two students come from nice families and admit that they have a relatively high spending.

"The Amazing Race Norway" comes on TV winter 2013. Also this season is Freddy dos Santos as presenter. Read all about the program!


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