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TAR 22: Bitch, Moan, and Squeal Thread **Spoilers Inside!**

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I don't even think the luxury of winning two legs is more important than getting further in this race. Since the problem now is Dave's leg can't bring them further any longer, why not only use it at the most crucial point which will ensure their survival? I mean, it's great that they have two leg wins, a trip to KL (?) and $10,000 in their pockets, but I would rather want to stay as long as I can in the race than to waste it just so that I can win a leg.. and get the best flight out so that I have a chance of winning the next too.

Now if they have to quit one task on the next leg due to Dave's inability to compete, they only have themselves to blame for not looking at the big picture.


--- Quote from: Joab on March 17, 2013, 01:27:29 AM ---I know peach, I don't blame Dave and Connor at all and actually liked them on the first episode. Then seeing how he raced to the pitstop just so he can win the leg and injured himself (which is dumb), using the Express Pass when they don't really need it (which is also dumb) and then cheating at last leg's Roadblock (which is sly), my respect and liking for this team is 0% right now.

I blame CBS for their story edit, but I just have no liking for this team. Mug put it best, if you are selling me a sob story of these two people, then they really better be of the best righteous character and attitude. :res:

Them cornering Jessica and John for the EP was pretty  :res: :groan: too. I know there's a pact going on but if Jessica and John doesn't give it to you, don't whine. You didn't even come in SECOND place for Leg 1. :res:

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Edited for bad taste on the part of the poster. Read the rules!


--- Quote from: Joab on March 17, 2013, 01:27:29 AM ---Them cornering Jessica and John for the EP was pretty  :res: :groan: too. I know there's a pact going on but if Jessica and John doesn't give it to you, don't whine. You didn't even come in SECOND place for Leg 1. :res:

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So what? They wanted the Express Pass because it plays a helpful tool for skipping a task.

Initially I believed that they ended up wasting the Pass in Leg 3, but they really only did that because they were thinking of the fact that they wouldn't last much longer with the injury.. so why not just win the leg and get a prize before possibly going home?

Anthony & Bates came in 2nd place in Leg 1.. so it doesn't mean that Jessica & John had to give it to them? They weren't even part of the pact, that's why Dave & Connor were so concerned about the Pass because they were the second team of the pact to arrive.

Just because they didn't come in second place doesn't mean that they still couldn't get it.

Everyone talking about the pact: Had I won Leg 01, I would probably give the EP to whoever I like, or, thinking strategically, to who I see the weakest. I have studied games theory and strategic behaviour, and D/C have NOTHING to make a credible threat, so J/J could have left them in the dust. Onviously they didn't because they saw the broken achilles, and I have to say, smart moves for the surfers.

About the D/C edit, I agree with peach, Joab and Oval. CBS has to feature it and, if possible, create as much drama as possible (how on earth are you inserting a commercial break if you did not create drama before?) but it is clear that the edit they receive is like "we are the heart of the Race, we need 30' of each episode so as to mention the word cancer and achilles like 156068461 times". I am starting to get really tired, as with many other teams in past races.


--- Quote from: Joab on March 17, 2013, 06:28:33 AM ---
--- Quote from: ovalorange on March 17, 2013, 04:25:28 AM ---I honestly wouldn't mind them if it wasn't the "David & Connor's Amazing Adventure in a moon boot (+ bonus footage of 8 other teams racing around the world)". It's not them I don't like David & Connor as people, it's the fact that their whole ordeal is rammed down my throat for a full 10 minutes every episode, for four straight legs. I also kinda don't like how they're portrayed to be so inspirational and defy-all-the-odds people when they're clearly just as competent as everyone else - they've won two legs with a moon boot for god sake. It's not like they're struggling or anything :res: Nice people, I get it. But their edit is extremely irritating.

I seriously cannot wait until they're booted so I can actually get to know the other teams.

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I wonder when they get eliminated later, they would still somehow appear along the future episodes?
Like for example when remaining racers talked about D/C after they got booted, and WHOOAA! there's another clip of D/C.
So annoying!!!
The dad whined for an EP and now begged another teams not to go for the Fast Forward
Dude, You're on THE AMAZING RACE, not the amazing charity...

Once they're out, I ain't see'em again till final leg. Them on the opening credits, fine. other than that I'll shoot myself


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