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To get teams from Belfast to LHR and from there to Washington-Dulles, here are the flights:

Belfast City BHD to LHR Dec. 6 (probably one of the latest ones)
0645 0757
0719 0831
0911 1006
1212 1322
1354 1550
1445 1555
1718 1807
1825 1953
1945 2106

LHR IAD Dec. 7
UA923 0730 1042   

I had listed the ferries from Cairnryan (next to Stanraer, which is sometimes mistakenly perceived as the port) to Belfast on Jan. 5 in post #129. Here is the Stena Line schedule of ferries, each of which takes 2 1/4 hours for the crossing from Cairnryan to Belfast:

0400 0615
0730 0945
1130 1345
1530 1745
1930 2145
2330 0145+1

There has been mention of additional ferries from Cairnryan but stopping short of Belfast in Larme, Northern Ireland referenced by Dr. Rox. The schedule for that is:

0400 0600
0730 0930
1030 1230
1330 1530
1630 1830
2000 2200

That's not all. There is one more Scottish port with ferries to Larme; that is Troon (home of a big annual golf tournament) which is almost on the border with England and quite near Prestwyck Airport. Ferries from Troon to Larme, which I believe are also 2 hours, depart at:


Troon ferries are seasonal as confirmed by kshel in the Belfast leg thread, and weren't running in December.

As always, I find the details of transportation to be important in shaping each Amazing Race leg. Leg 11 started with a trip to Edinburgh Central rail station for a 1 hour 10 minute average trip (there are 4 each hour) to Glasgow Central. That would put Max/Katie into Glasgow by just after 530pm, Bates/Anthony the same,  Caroline/Jennifer there by 645pm and Mona/Beth there by 845pm.

The train schedule from Glasgow to Stanraer was fiendishly difficult to obtain (try it and see what I mean). At that range of evening departures, the trains would be:

dep. Glasgow Central 1830 arr. Stanraer 2059
dep. Glasgow Central 2030 arr. Stanraer 2353

The walk to the Cairnryan ferry terminal is reported to be 3 minutes or 6 minutes from either Stanraer station, but in any event the teams took taxis.

At the ferry terminal they bunched and I believe World Race Productions made a strategic decision to not allow them to take the 4am ferry to Belfast for filming reasons. They were on the 0730 ferry for unknown reasons, arriving 0945. Leg 11 finished with a pit stop and teams were released in Belfast the next morning. They were sent to the Stena line ship Belfast to Liverpool, which had this schedule:

dep. 1030 arr. 1830 after an 8 hour trip

The next train options to London-Euston from Liverpool-Lime St. were:
dep. 1848 arr. 2102
dep. 1948 arr. 2209 

After the trip to the pub to find out their destination, teams could reasonably expect to reach Heathrow around midnight. The only reasonable choice would be United 923 LHR IAD 0723 1042 and the video showed a United plane taxiing into the gate at Washington-Dulles.


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