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The train schedulles going up to Jungfraujoch make it clear which trains teams would have been on:

dep. Grindelwald 0947
arr. Kleine Scheidegg 1017
dep. Kleine Scheidegg 1100
arr. Jungfraujoch 1152

I have been trying to track down a schedule for stops and pickups at the Eigerwand "flag stop". I did not get off there when I visited but remember it as not a real station, just a point where passengers got off or on to view the Gletschsglacier. Here are the train schedules for afternoon from Jungfraujoch down to Grindelwald Grund station:

depart  Jungfraujoch   arrive Kleine Scheidegg   depart Kleine Scheidegg  arrive Grindelwald Grund

1200                                           1250                                  1303                               1335
1230                                           1320                                  1333                               1405 
1300                                           1350                                  1403                               1435 
1330                                           1420                                  1433                               1505
1400                                           1450                                  1503                               1535
1430                                           1520                                  1533                               1605
1500                                           1550                                  1603                               1635
1530                                           1620                                  1633                               1705

So all teams must have gotten on the first or second of these at Jungfraujoch and exited at Eigerwand minutes later. 4 teams would have reboarded the next train and arrived Grindelwald Grund. Joey/Meghan and Churck/Wynona would have been on the following train down.

When I look at the sunset for Grindelwald Nov. 29, 2011 (which I have to estimate based on a 7 minute offset from Geneva) it was at 445pm.

Swiss Railroads changed their schedules about once a year in December. So the scedules were changed after TAR used the railroads in Swizterland. The earliest train leaving Grindelwald is about 6:00 am.

The telecast showed teams going to Basel from Interlaken and then from Basel to Munich.This really doesnt make much sense. That makes it an ~8 hour trip to Munich. Most of the train connections go through Mannheim, Germany. It takes about 3 hours to ride the train from Mannheim to Munich. But Mannheim is only about 30 minutes from the Frankfurt airport by train.

I need to rewatch the program and see where Phil is....I dont remember him in Dresden.

What the telecast for leg 9 showed on transportation makes perfect sense, as it was multi-modal. Here is what teams did:

Left Grindelwald on the 526am train
arrived Interlaken Ost about 6am
departed Interlaken Ost with min. layover
arrive Basel 734am

switched to fly to Munich IQ2393 BSL MUC 0920 1035
connect in Munich to fly to Dresden CL2104 MUC DRS 1120 1223

So teams would take taxis to the Ministry of Finance and reach their FORD FOCUS cars about 1pm. 
100 miles Dresden to Berlin means arrival there around 3pm.

Editor's note - an alternate approach has been suggested based on the pit stop release really being in Interlaken. The train schedule for an early train from Interlaken West to Basel was:
depart Interlaken West 0526am
arrive Basel 0729am

That is only a slight difference in Basel arrival time and the flight schedule would remain the same.

Only flights connecting at Amsterdam or London-Heathrow make sense to me. I have all the flight schedules below.

Here are the possible flights on Dec. 3 from Berlin-Tegel to Amsterdam (TXL AMS):

KL1818   0555 0718
WA1822 1006 1148
KL1824   1413 1535
KL1826   1329 1546

Here are the flights on Dec. 3 from Berlin-Tegel to London Heathrow (TXL LHR):

BA981   0709 0802
LH3372 0739 0829
BA993   1225 1343
LH3374 1243 1344
BA983   1405 1511
BA985   1637 1740
LH3376  1751 1857
BA987    1940 2039

Possible connections for AMS EDI are:

WA1277  0758 0821
KL1879   1025 1137
U2 6922   1307 1336
WA1887  1220 1250
KL1285    1622 1640
KL1283    2127 2159
U2 6924   2144 2203

Possible connections for LHR EDI are:

BA1432    0638 0809
BA1434    0812 0929
BA1442    1050 1224
BA1444    1246 1408
BA1448    1434 1556
BA1446    1510 1632
BA1452    1550 1718
BA1454    1744 1907
BA1458    1834 1950
BA1456    1924 2041
BA1464    2158 2308   

The much heavier schedules make Heathrow a much more probable connecting point than Amsterdam.

What time did the sun set in Berlin by those dates? I think it was between Max & Katie's arrival to the Brandenburg Gate and the Joey & Meghan one, I would say later than 3 PM, don't know. Think of all the driving in the city center of Berlin.


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