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I estimate all teams completed the Christchurch area leg before noon and reached the CHC airport before noon. Basic route options to reach Bali were CHC MEL PER DPS or CHC SYD DPS. Here are the flight combinations that would fit the time frames:

QF769 CHC MEL 1232 1325 connecting with GA725 MEL PER 1435 1810 connecting with QZ8417 PER DPS 2051 0024+1

QF46  CHC SYD 1420 1553 connecting with  JQ37  SYD DPS 1800 2132             

Too early Apskip. We know front-runner teams Dave/Connor and Pamela/Winnie (second place!) went through Melbourne and Perth on these flights:

DJ 63 (19 1608-1735, sch 1600-1750) from Christchurch to Melbourne
Dave/Connor: QF 653 (19 2033-2129, sch 2015-2120) from Melbourne to Perth
Pamela/Winnie: DJ 697 (19 2131-2247, sch 2000-2105) from Melbourne to Perth
QZ 8411 (20 0438-0825, sch 0450-0830) from Perth to Bali

Max/Katie also arrived in Bali at the same time. The simplest method is:
EK 419 (19 1653-1808, sch 1655-1815) from Christchurch to Sydney OR
DJ 73 (19 1700-1831, sch 1700-1830) from Christchurch to Sydney
DJ 569 (19 2013-2203, sch 2000-2200) from Sydney to Perth
QZ 8411 (20 0438-0825, sch 0450-0830) from Perth to Bali

Joey/Meghan and at least one other team were sighted exiting the Bali airport parking lot at 11am. There are two flights arriving from Singapore within the hour, and plenty of ways to get from Christchurch to Auckland. I think there should be enough flights for no team to get left behind:
From Christchurch to Singapore
EK 419 (19 1653-1808, sch 1655-1815) from Christchurch to Sydney
SQ 242 (19 1932-0028, sch 1910-0015) from Sydney to Singapore
JQ 166 (19 2046-2218, sch 2100-2240) from Christchurch to Melbourne
SQ 218 (20 0109-0542, sch 0105-0540) from Melbourne to Singapore
NZ 546 (19 1931-2047, sch 1935-2055) from Christchurch to Auckland
SQ 282 (20 0102-0633, sch 0105-0635) from Auckland to Singapore
From Singapore to Bali
VF 241 (20 0759-, sch 0725-1005) from Singapore to Bali
GA 841 (20 0815-, sch 0750-1035) from Singapore to Bali

Some (but not all) less efficient itineraries, if best flights are full
From Christchurch via Melbourne or Sydney to Perth as above
GA 727 (20 0713-, sch 0713-1100) from Perth to Bali
From Christchurch via Auckland, Sydney, or Melbourne to Singapore as above
QZ 8499 (20 0931-1208, sch 0915-1205) from Singapore to Bali

TL;DR: Dave/Connor, Pamela/Winnie, and Max/Katie are first arriving in Bali. The majority of teams is likely to arrive two hours later on one of two flights via Singapore.

And can I just say that trying to get all those airports covered on 10 seconds notice about killed me. 3 day leg indeed.  :lol3:

Apskip, teams were actually flown from Auckland to Christchurch in different flights on November 18th, not 16th.

The flights of the said destination were the teams got booked (all on the 18th):

Pam/Winnie: NZ547 (1706-1830, scheduled 1700-1820)

Jessica/John, Mona/Beth, Joey/Meghan, Dave/Connor, Max/Katie: NZ543 (1738-1901, scheduled 1730-1850)

Caroline/Jennifer, Bates/Anthony actually booked a flight to Wellington for making a connection to Christchurch:
NZ463 (1802-1902, scheduled 1800-1900) from Auckland to Wellington
NZ367 (1933-2022, scheduled 1930-2015) from Wellington to Christchurch

Chuck/Wynona: NZ553 (1938-2104, scheduled 1930-2050)

Note: Sunset in Christchurch on November 18th was 8:38 pm local time.


New information from the press in New Zealand (Plaidmoon Re: TAR 22 Ep 3 "Like James Bond Again"
Reply #119 on: Today at 09:23:10 AM ) does indeed support your dates. The only way you can fit what the article (posted today in a thread higher on this AR22 superthread) is the following:

TN101 depart PPT 17Nov 0805 arrive Auckland 18Nov due to crossing the International Date Line (which I had figured into my earlier calculations) 1525, 2.5 hours delayed

Then the choices for Sunday afternoon and evening AKL CHC were:
NZ547 1701 1830
NZ553 1758 1921
NZ557 1849 2014
NZ553 1930 2104

It appears that there was no way any of the teams could have gone further than the tenting area that night due to their clearing the airport and driving 1 hour to the Rakaia Gorge. If the original schedule of 2.5 hours earlier into Auckland had happened, all teams could have finished leg 3 and then slept in the same tents at the same time, leaving directly for CHC airport in the morning after a "normal" checkin and release.

I don't know for sure if World Race Productions had to change leg 3 to end with a TBC, but it certain appears likely.


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