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It appears that teams did fly from Heathrow to Dulles, which leaves the issue of "How did they get to Heathrow and do tasks in London?" Here are the flights on December 6 which would answered that first question (all these are BHD LHR 6 December):

0645 0757
0719 0831
0911 1006
1212 1322
1354 1550
1445 1555
1718 1807
1825 1953
1945 2106


--- Quote from: apskip on November 27, 2012, 06:36:50 PM ---I have taken another look at dates most likely for leaving Maun and going across the pond nonstop to Sao Paulo from Johannesburg. Follow this logic:

Teams cannot arrive before Nov. 26 (yesterday) into Maun if flying nonstop HKG JNB on either:
 CX749 2350 0637+1 (today, Nov. 27th)
 SA287 2347 0713+1

Then the choices to Maun JNB MUB were:
BP212 1140 1320
4Z8310 1155 1345

I expect that this leg or two legs will take 48 hours in Maun. That means these flights back MUB JNB:
BP211 1420 1600
4Z8301 1400 1540

There is the rub, as there is no late afternoon flight to Sao Paulo on Thursdays. Teams will have a layover there until Friday morning Nov. 29:

JNB GRU SA222 1010 1630

--- End quote ---

We have new information reported by ovalorange that the flight from Johannesburg to Maun was at 4pm on Sunday Nov. 25. However, it appears that there was no such flight JNB MUB.

Most of this information was provided earlier in this thread by Kandace, but it is worth duplicating here:

first group of 5 teams gets on Nov. 13 TN101 LAX PPT 2254 0602+1
second group of 6 teams gets Nov. 14 AF76 LAX PPT 0101 0656   

They arrived 54 minutes apart.

There are 4 different Air Tahiti flights PPT BOB, but the only pair that meets the criterion of being 1 hour apart is:
TN402 0900 0950
TN452 1000 1050

Leg 2 finished on the morning of Nov. 15. Leg 3 involves flying to Papeete, Tahiti and connecting there to fly on to Auckland and then Christchurch. Here are the possible flights:

11/15 BOB PPT VT294 1145 1235
         BOB PPT VT474 1200 1250
         BOB PPT VT465 1830 1920
         BOB PPT VT404 1845 1935

11/16 PPT AKL NZ41  0455 (almost 3 hours late) 0947 (almost 3 hours late)

         AKL CHC there are 13 flights from noon to midnight     

The actual flights with actual departure times corresponding to the scheduled (not actual) departure times from Auckland to Christchurch on Nov. 16 were:

NZ547 1720 1842
NZ545 1802 1926
NZ553 1927 2050

There was one additional flight NZ549 at 1914, but apparently it was full or Chuck and Wynona should have been able to get it.


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