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Apskip, teams were actually flown from Auckland to Christchurch in different flights on November 18th, not 16th.

The flights of the said destination were the teams got booked (all on the 18th):

Pam/Winnie: NZ547 (1706-1830, scheduled 1700-1820)

Jessica/John, Mona/Beth, Joey/Meghan, Dave/Connor, Max/Katie: NZ543 (1738-1901, scheduled 1730-1850)

Caroline/Jennifer, Bates/Anthony actually booked a flight to Wellington for making a connection to Christchurch:
NZ463 (1802-1902, scheduled 1800-1900) from Auckland to Wellington
NZ367 (1933-2022, scheduled 1930-2015) from Wellington to Christchurch

Chuck/Wynona: NZ553 (1938-2104, scheduled 1930-2050)

Note: Sunset in Christchurch on November 18th was 8:38 pm local time.


New information from the press in New Zealand (Plaidmoon Re: TAR 22 Ep 3 "Like James Bond Again"
Reply #119 on: Today at 09:23:10 AM ) does indeed support your dates. The only way you can fit what the article (posted today in a thread higher on this AR22 superthread) is the following:

TN101 depart PPT 17Nov 0805 arrive Auckland 18Nov due to crossing the International Date Line (which I had figured into my earlier calculations) 1525, 2.5 hours delayed

Then the choices for Sunday afternoon and evening AKL CHC were:
NZ547 1701 1830
NZ553 1758 1921
NZ557 1849 2014
NZ553 1930 2104

It appears that there was no way any of the teams could have gone further than the tenting area that night due to their clearing the airport and driving 1 hour to the Rakaia Gorge. If the original schedule of 2.5 hours earlier into Auckland had happened, all teams could have finished leg 3 and then slept in the same tents at the same time, leaving directly for CHC airport in the morning after a "normal" checkin and release.

I don't know for sure if World Race Productions had to change leg 3 to end with a TBC, but it certain appears likely.

Earlier flight work for DPS to HAN by both Neobie and me on this thread ignored the most obvious possibility. That is this flight combination:

Nov. 22 QZ8498 DPS SIN 0602 0730 connecting to SQ176 SIN HAN 1001 1215

There are some later flight connections:
QZ8496 DPS SIN 0918 1150 connecting to VN662 1352 1525
SQ941  DPS SIN 0907 1139 connecting to VN662 1352 1525

Too early, Apskip.

From the spoiler team in Indonesia teams checked in relatively close to one another, and teams beginning Leg 5 were spotted only later in the morning leaving to Hanoi.

Apskip, B/A and C/J weren't in the NZ557 flight from Auckland to Christchruch. According to ZouLy's post at live sightings thread back in November, they were both actually on a two separate flights from Auckland to Wellington and Wellington to Christchurch (see my post above).,28045.msg816475.html#msg816475


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