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This thread will be available to those with schedules, information, predictions, speculation, etc. on planes, trains, boats, buses, cars and other forms of transportation.


--- Quote from: georgiapeach on November 13, 2012, 07:59:28 PM ---Next Destination appears to be:

Papeete, Tahiti!

Via AIr France and Air Tahiti.
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--- End quote ---

I'm not apskip o Dr. Rox, but if it's true, this is what I found until now:

TN101  LAX11.30PM   PPT06.05AM

AF76    LAX00.30AM   PPT06.45AM

TN101 is scheduled to depart in less than 3 minutes.

AF76 is to depart in less than 50 minutes.

It does look like the only way out of French Polynesia the night of the 14th and over the course of the 15th is back to Los Angeles or onwards via the Cook Islands to Auckland (in concurrence with Kandace)!

The flights are:
VT 35 from Papeetee to Rarotonga: 15 1220-15 1450
NZ 45 from Rarotonga to Auckland: 15 1730-16 2050
(also possible LA 801 from Auckland to Sydney 17 0605-17 0745)

And an early escape for Phil:
SB 601 from Papeetee to Noumea: 14 1730-15 2050
SB 140 from Noumea to Sydney, 16 0815-16 1130
(also possible SB 880 from Noumea to Tokyo Osaka 16 0145-16 0845)

And if in the unlikely case there are two legs in Tahiti (taking up the 14th and 15th) there are direct flights for the teams to Auckland and Tokyo on the early morning of the 16th.

TN101 just took off at 2357 local time.

A340-300 (F-OLOV)


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