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An interview with Phil about season finale and... future season

It's hard to top Josh and Brent's shocking win last season, but Phil Keoghan promises that Sunday's Amazing Race finale will be another tight one. "It's very close," he tells TVGuide.com. "It will keep viewers absolutely guessing until the end who's going to win. It's not one of those finales where one team has been in the lead the whole time." The two-hour finale (8/7c, CBS) finds hockey players Bates and Anthony, newlyweds Max and Katie, country singers Caroline and Jennifer, and roller derby moms Mona and Beth racing through Belfast, Ireland, where one team will be eliminated, and then Washington, D.C. for the final leg.

Find out what else you can expect from the episode, why Keoghan's still saying "oy vey" about John and Jessica's Express Pass fail and more.

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What do you think of the final four? You said earlier this season you only picked two out of the top five teams.
Phil Keoghan: [Laughs] I did! I love the teams we have left. They're really diverse. ... It's kind of perfect from that point of view. The country singers, while they may have been flirting with the hockey players, they're more focused on the prize now. The hockey players have been looking for love since Day 1. To be honest with you, I think they still have love in their eyes. And if there's one thing that will come in the way of a man's focus, it's a woman! The girls have used that to their advantage when it suited them.

The girls are more followers than the guys are.
Keoghan: I would agree. They follow more. The hockey players are certainly not intimidated by anything. In terms of the strongest female team, you'll have to look at the roller derby moms. They're really determined and have been fighting hard to stay in. They're used to going head-to-head in competition. And Max and Katie ó I didn't see [them making it this far]. They would have to take the award for Most Improved Players. They bickered a lot in the beginning. I don't know what's changed. ... Maybe their Speed Bump and issues in Botswana were a wakeup call.

The hockey players, singers, and Max and Katie have an alliance. Are they going to try to oust the roller derby moms?
Keoghan: Well, I don't think any alliance works this late in the Race. If you start to focus on alliances at this stage, you get into trouble. You have to stop the flirting, stop the teasing and the rest of it. I didn't say there won't be flirting anymore, but flirting isn't going to help. Leave the rest for the after-party.

The final leg's in D.C. and the briefcase task looks like the Family Edition one. Is this another Switchback?
Keoghan: I'd say it's a little bit of a flashback. It's a very cool challenge. ... We had some great challenges. You might even see the president in the episode! ... We have a brainteaser. We love having things that forces team under pressure to think. They see other people there and start to panic. The more they panic, the more we know we're getting a good show. We have a challenge that surprises where it's like the flags last season and you don't know who's actually going to come out on top. The finish is close. ... When it comes to the final leg and you know there are teams right behind you and the finish is right there, it's just hard to keep your composure. I don't know [if anyone] makes a really poor decision, but there's absolutely frustration. You may be a little surprised at who wins. And that's a good thing.

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Like the Beekmans last season? Where does this rank compared to that?
Keoghan: That was more than a surprise. That was a shock! [Laughs] This is just a surprise. Just because everything has been leaning one way in the leg and then all of the sudden it turns. That's what I love about the show ó things can turn on a dime. You don't know how people will react to certain situations.

Speaking of that, John and Jessica failed to use their Express Pass.
Keoghan: Oh, my God! Oy vey! That's all I could think to say then. I didn't know how to describe it. Again, we do 12 shows in 21 days. When he looks back at that with time, he's going to go, "What was I thinking? Why did I say 'no regrets'?"

Actually, when I talked to them, he stood by his comments.
Keoghan: Really? I still don't understand to this day what it was about. I understand them thinking a team might be behind them and not using it, but I don't understand him not wanting to admit that he was disappointed that he made a mistake. What was it in the end? Was he able to articulate it?

He said they don't need the money because they were there for the adventure, so that's why he was OK with the elimination.
Keoghan: I still don't get it. He was like, "That's the way it is." It's like surely you can't shut off your emotions to the point where you don't have a sense of regret. It's just a natural human reaction to go, "Aw, man! Are you kidding? I thought there was another team. All we had to do was use the Express Pass? Ugh!" I don't know if it was pride or ego or what, but he wouldn't allow himself to go there. That's the part I thought was "oy vey." I was like, "At least you can say to your partner, 'I'm sorry. You kept telling me to play it. I made a mistake.'" Don't pretend it didn't happen and you're not disappointed.

Maybe he's still too embarrassed. Do you think that was on the level of losing your passport?
Keoghan: It's definitely up there. The Express Pass is there to bail you out of trouble, so use it. The whole losing the passport thing, I mean, you strap that onto your body. You can lose your bag or your mind, but the passport is your ticket to staying in the Race. I think that's the biggest mistake you can make. However, everyone who's lost a passport on the show has admitted that they made a mistake!

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What's the latest on Season 23?
Keoghan: Can you believe it's been 23 seasons? We continue to get teams we could've never dreamed up. There are certain teams you don't even know are out there until you see the combination. Expect some different, new casting announcements. I've started writing the scripts for next season and the challenges are great. ... We will have new places [and we'll start shooting] in the summer. We don't tell people specific dates because they find us anyway. That's one of the things that's changed dramatically since Season 1 with social media.

There are literally fans from around the world who come together and live-tweet and collect sightings of you and the teams. Does that bother you guys? Or do you like that it's almost interactive now? Twitter did help Kaylani get her passport back.
Keoghan: Exactly. There are live updates all the time. Personally, I think it's exciting. What's weird was when we were going one way in an airport and The Amazing Race Asia team was going the other way, but neither of us had any idea that the other would be there. I think anyone who was trying to keep track would've been extremely confused. One of the other franchises was shooting in Christchurch [New Zealand] and my friend emailed me and said, "I can't believe you came to Christchurch and didn't even give me a call." I was like, "What are you talking about?" He manages the Christchurch airport and he said, "I saw the crew and the racers running around the airport." I was like, "Sorry, dude, that wasn't me." But Twitter and social media have added a whole new element for fans. Fans love being in the know. I think overall, our fans are pretty good. They don't give away too much. Sometimes people love dropping spoilers, but our fans are good. They tend to do it in such a way that doesn't ruin it for fans who don't want to know.

Sometimes they withhold major spoilers until after the season's over.
Keoghan: And we love that because I think they think they're part of something bigger. They don't feel like they have to spoil everything. Little teases here and there to whet the appetite are enough.

You're also working on a new show, The Phil Keoghan Project, that's inspired by your dad. What's the latest on that?
Keoghan: We're developing it and taking applications now. My dad grew up working hard, getting up at 5 a.m. to work in the garden. My family is blue-collar people. My dad would always say he came from a hardened generation. He'd say, "All these people are paying now for designer bodies, but my friend built his strength on the farm." He admires people who never had a chance to compete on a sports field, but they still have this functional gift to use their strength in an amazing way. ... So I want to celebrate those blue-collar jobs. I've always been fascinated by people who push themselves to the limit.

"It's very close," let's see about that! I hope so!

Last season he told the truth for once :lol: He said something along the lines "It's an all-out sprint to the finish"

From "The Hollywood Reporter"

'Amazing Race' Host Phil Keoghan Spills Secrets on Season 22 Finale'

Sunday's episode of CBS' reality competition takes the teams to Ireland and Washington, D.C. "We even got the president involved," the host tells THR.

One team is about to be named the winner of The Amazing Race's 22nd season.

One of the final four teams -- newlyweds Max and Katie Bichler; roller-derby moms Mona Egender and Beth Bandimere; hockey brothers Bates and Anthony Battaglia; or friends/country singers Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Kuhle -- will win the $1 million prize in the season finale of CBS' reality competition, airing at 8 p.m. Sunday.

Ahead of the two-hour broadcast, host Phil Keoghan gives The Hollywood Reporter a preview of what fans can expect to see -- and shares some of his thoughts on the season's most memorable moments.

The Hollywood Reporter: Were you surprised by any of the teams that made it to the final four?
Phil Keoghan: I was very surprised with Max and Katie. They started out this Race near the back of the pack and seemed to be out of sync for the first half of the Race. But I think the turning point was when they got to Botswana and were pulled over for speeding. Theyíve really come into their own over the past couple of episodes and seem to be firing on all cylinders, especially winning the last leg. Theyíre certainly not lacking any confidence right now -- letís hope they havenít peaked too early.

THR: Can you give our readers a preview of the finale?
Keoghan: We have a great two-hour finale. We start in Belfast, Ireland, with bog snorkeling, which is a fascinating local sport there in Ireland that was dreamed up over a pint of beer. Itís extremely claustrophobic and much tougher than it looks Ö trying to swim in the frigid, dirty water Ö the perfect recipe for a cramp. Weíll get down to the final three teams in Belfast before heading out to our nationís capital in Washington, where we send the teams around to a ton of historical landmarks. And once again, itís a very close finish. The cool thing is that since our last visit, youíll now get to see D.C. in HD. We even got the president involved.

THR: Mona and Beth are certainly the outsiders at this point. Do they still have a shot at winning?
Keoghan: The "roller derby moms" are a very strong team -- just think about what they do for a living. You can absolutely never count this team out of the mix. If they have any weakness, itís that they donít seem to be good with directions. And in terms of being outsiders, I donít really think alliances come into play at this stage of the game. Itís every man or woman for themselves on Sunday night. If thereís one thing you can say about an Amazing Race finish, itís that for more than a decade, itís been unpredictable.

THR: Looking back over the season, what was your favorite moment?
Keoghan: For me, it was the Schemozzle Race in New Zealand. That was my old high school friendís farm. I was really proud to share my homeland and friends with the viewers, the cast and of course, the crew. The ariel footage over the Rakaia River was just breathtaking. Also, the best reactions all season came from watching the teams see a live scorpion go inside the mouth of a bushman in Botswana. Maxís expression was priceless.

THR: What was the moment that surprised you the most?
Keoghan: Big surprise for me were the firemen [Matthew Davis and Daniel Moss] getting eliminated in the first leg.

THR: Chuck and Wynona were eliminated because they failed to follow the clue properly and rolled the cheese down the hill instead of transporting it on the sled. In this last episode, I half expected Bates and Anthony to get some sort of penalty for carrying the whiskey barrels instead of rolling them in the last leg. What was the difference this time?
Keoghan:  While the challenge was called ďWhiskey Rollin,Ē the clue simply told them to transport the barrels under their own power -- meaning they could have balanced them on their heads if they wanted to Ö so they didnít break any rules.

THR: Dave and Connor were extremely impressive, winning legs even with Dave's injury. How hard is it for you to see a strong team like forced to drop out?
Keoghan: It was one of the toughest moments in this Race for me. I loved those guys particularly because of the father/son relationship, which reminds me so much of my dad. They played the game the way you should play it, and despite being dealt an unfortunate injury, they competed to the very end, snagging two first-place finishes and quickly established themselves as one of our favorite teams in such a short amount of time. I always knew they would be tough competitors knowing what theyíve been through with cancer and also because they both participate in the toughest sport on earth -- cycling. I would have loved to see how far they could have gone if they could have stuck it out.

THR: What was your reaction to John and Jessica being eliminated with an express pass?
Keoghan: Oy vey.


--- Quote ---THR: What was your reaction to John and Jessica being eliminated with an express pass?
Keoghan: Oy vey.
--- End quote ---

The best quote in the history of TAR. :<3 :luvya:

From Yahoo.TV:

'The Amazing Race' Finale Preview: Host Phil Keoghan Calls the Hockey Players 'Giddy Schoolgirls'

As the 22nd edition of "The Amazing Race" arrives at its last leg this Sunday, we caught up with the show's globetrotting host, Phil Keoghan, to get his thoughts on the remaining four teams. His boldest prediction: The country singers and the hockey guys will drop out of the race and run off together.

"It's ridiculous," Keoghan tells us. "The guys turn into schoolgirls. They get all giddy and loopy. Here they are, competitive hockey players who can get in the water with crocodiles, but they get around these girls and they act like five-year-old boys afraid to kiss little girls. They want nothing more than to be serenaded by them! It's ridiculous. They should be focused on the finish line, not on finding a date."

So, should Bates and Anthony be more like the derby moms? Keoghan laughs, "Have you seen roller derby? It's intense. Mona has hip-checked me a couple of times -- in good fun. I did feel like the roller derby moms would do well and make it to the end of the race. They're used to competing just like the hockey players. On Sunday, you are going to see real determination and focus. They're hungry. They're out there for their kids. They've been hanging on by a thread, but you don't want to count them out."

Even more impressive, reveals the host, are newlyweds Max and Katie. He calls them the MVPs of the race and also cites them as the most improved team this season. At the beginning, he didn't think the couple would last because "she wasn't outspoken and he wasn't realizing what she was capable of doing. Their primary mistake [was] not listening to each other." And now Keoghan thinks "they've lasted because Max had a shift in his attitude. They're in sync now."

In any case, it sounds like there won't be a clear-cut winner at the start of Sunday's finale. Keoghan reminds us that "The Amazing Race" is nothing like the Kentucky Derby: We can't pick the winners or know the odds.

"In two different seasons, I laid money down on my predictions and both times I lost," he confesses. "This year, I saw the country girls going within the first two episodes. I didn't see their competitive edge. I was wrong. They have the flirtatious quality. I don't know if you call it a quality, but they know how to get attention, how to use their looks to their advantage. And why not?"

He assures us that we will be "guessing right until the end. As always, we have something of a stumbling block, which helps to facilitate an unpredictable finish."

The stumbling block he refers to will be a mental obstacle, explaining, "At the end of the race, when you're tired, hungry, anxious, not thinking straight, sleep-deprived, and you're hunting for the same thing as your opponents, mental pressure is much more interesting than physical pressure."


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