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--- Quote from: ApprenticeFan on December 09, 2012, 06:51:05 AM ---Peach, I think Vietnam has now in fact only one leg. It would be have a 36-hour (extended) Pit Stop. And also, Mount Vernon is not in Washington, DC, it's in fact located in Alexandria, Virginia.

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Actually, since the city of Alexandria is an "independent" city (i.e., it is not considered part of any county in Virginia, the actual jurisdiction for Mount Vernon is Fairfax County, Virginia. (Yes, there is another independent city of Fairfax within that county as well, but that is how Virginia does things.)


--- Quote from: Theodorus on December 07, 2012, 08:00:26 PM ---Vietnam is in Southeast Asia as far as I know :cmas5

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i know i still consider it the far east but ya i could go a long time without seeing asia

Only posts related to additions or corrections to the TIMELINE itself go here... other discussion goes in Spec please. Thanks!

Just wondering, but why are Max and Katherine deemed "SAFE" until the end of leg 11? Did we have some evidence that I missed?

Is it true that there was tasks in London before, the teams went to D.C.????


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