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TAR 22 Locations/Destinations **Spoilers**

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would like to add the full-view of the surf shop that the racers visited during their roadblock task in Bali...  :cmas16

WAY cool, thanks!!

Had one hour in Berlin and decided to check out Joachimstaler Platz. Nothing to report; the store owner at the corner definitely saw something and is definitely under gag orders, his response to "Did you see filming?" was a very non-committal "Maybe". Even buying stupid kitschy souvenirs from him didn't help.

But we CANNOT assume the plaza was the Pit Stop, because... the "mat" is just... a metal grill.

Hmmm. THIS is what we have? And thanks!

Lightened both of these...the white diamond/?grate is in both, but no MAT thingy in yours?


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