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TAR 22 Locations/Destinations **Spoilers**

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--- Quote from: Kandace on December 04, 2012, 10:56:10 PM ---Made a map like the old ones out of boredom & using Timeline dates haha..

If UK gets confirmed I'll add it ;D

--- End quote ---

Great to see Kandace!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Plaidmoon's awesome find, we can now say that the NAMIBIA sighting was for TAR Norway:,28141.msg821924.html#msg821924

I love the diversity of locations. I like their European legs.
Props to Kandace for the map.

Because there seems to be some confusion, let me clarify.

The CONFIRMED locations for the TAR 22 Finale are:

Dulles Airport (flight determined by Chateau); photo confirmation by StephenWasHere
DC area (Chateau)
First ID of Area's covering the next 4 locations : (TAR detective team of slowhatch, caper, Plaidmoon,and walkingpneumonia)
First sighting confirmations:
Old Post Office Pavilion (whammo)
Tidal Basin (stroche)
possible MLK task or lost team? (whammo)
National Park Stadium (ID'd by Chateau and peach, photo confirmation by stroche)
Mount Vernon (pitstop) walkingpneumonia

In accordance with RFF's policies re not revealing locations before the racers arrive safely at a place, some of these locations could not be pre-revealed publicly, but your Detectives teams were hard at work on them!
Looks like this will be a wonderful Finale Leg, many thanks to the whole group who spent days on this!

The national Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial is located adjacent to the northwest corner of the Tidal Basin, and fairly close to the Lincoln Memorial. Independence Avenue connects the two locations, and the Korean War Memorial is in between the other two.
Ohio Drive runs along the Potomac down to the area of the Jefferson Memorial. That's one way to get to the area adjacent to the 14th Street Bridge (and U.S> Highway 1) and headed towards the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The other way is to go down Independence Avenue away from the Lincoln Memorial and the MLK Memorial, which would end up at 14th Street three buildings north of the maze of roads that are at the north end of the 14th Street Bridge and the Bureau of Engraving is the southernmost of three buildings at that confluence. Maybe we can get more clarity in reference to the map?

My guess is that teams were sent to the vicinity of the MLK Memorial (which only opened in 2011) for a clue or as part of a task.


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