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TAR 22 Locations/Destinations **Spoilers**

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--- Quote from: timmyb15 on November 17, 2012, 10:42:15 PM ---Several teams apparently on an AIRNZ flight from Auckland to Christchurch landing within the next 30 minutes.  Will keep an eye out, interesting the fact that Christchurch has had the major Earthquake recently yet bouncing back incredibly fast.

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Witnessed the first 4-5 teams arrive in CHCH at 7pm Sunday night (18/11/12) despite searching for clues within Christchurch found nothing, would guess they drove somewhere in the Canterbury Region. Not much left in Christchurch post earthquake except roadworks.

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Check out our Timeline too, we know they went Jet boating on the Rakaia River after spending the night there...


Aznein ‏@NeinBaha
ITES Amazing Race (@ Lake Gardens (Taman Tasik Perdana) w/ 2 others) http://4sq.com/TUcv9n 


Maybe a local thing; according to Wikipedia, "kl-ites" is a demonym.

Another location - Africa


--- Quote from: Slowhatch on November 23, 2012, 07:10:48 PM ---Maybe a local thing; according to Wikipedia, "kl-ites" is a demonym.

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Somehow I have gotten through life so far and many Scrabble games without knowing that the word "demonym" existed. For those who like me did not know, its definition is "name given to people of a place." An example is "American."


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